DIY Tissue Holder

I am a very emotional person.  And I always lose it when a bride walks down the aisle and as much as I know I am going to cry, I never seem to have enough tissues.  So, for my wedding, I wanted to make sure there were little tissue packets for guests to take.  I scoured the internet for different DIY ideas and came across one for a fabric tissue holder.  I thought this would be the perfect for the guests and a neat take away that every woman could use in their purse, car, or in a diaper bag. 


You will need:

  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Tape Measure/Ruler
  • Thread
  • Fabric

Here is the tutorial from Two Brown Birds : DIY Tissue Holder with Pattern

I went to Joann’s and pick up contrasting prints and I also used scraps that I had.  I made around 40 (for 140 guests and had a few left over) and spend around $5-$7.  I picked up a few boxes of tissues from the dollar store and inserted four folded tissues in each holder.  I also recommend making a sign by the tissues so people realize what they are.  Something like : For your happy tears, For those tears of joy, or For when you boo hoo as they say I do.


DIY Wedding Hair (EASY, I PROMISE!)

This past weekend I was a “groomswoman” in my cousin’s wedding.  If you’ve been in a wedding before, you will know it can be a multiple night celebration, beginning with the rehearsal and a dinner following. 

Rehearsal Night

The rehearsal took place this past Friday night, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to wear a vibrant, maxi dress I bought (on sale for $20) at a local H&M.  I wanted to do something equally fun with my hair.  That’s when I looked at for some ideas!  I found this perfect updo hairstyle that requires minimal effort.  The mohawk shape of it goes perfectly with the print of the dress.  My hair is thin, but the length made it look as similar as possible to the photograph.  20130812-141625.jpg

Funky Up-Do

Limited Edition Maxi Dress 


Wedding Day 

As a “groomswoman”, I was only asked to wear black.  I ended up with a classic, black dress with a gorgeous V-cut back.  It was simple and sleek and will definitely be worn again!  I wanted my hair to up to expose the shape of the back, so I was on the hunt for an EASY french twist.  After a grueling 2 minutes of searching on Pinterest, I found a perfect look.  While I was obviously going to stand out on the groom’s side, it was a subtle look that was definitely a hit with the bride and the bridesmaids!


Easy French Twist

Crepe Woven Dress

For both updos I used bobbypins, a teasing comb, and hairspray; I also used elastics for the first updo. THAT’S IT!

TIP: I think the key in doing your own hair for special events is to lean toward the “messier” and softer looks.  I am a big fan of imperfect hair that is whispy and a little unkempt.  It allows for more mistakes unlike the typical, slicked back updos. 

A Few Wedding Tips

Weddings are not cheap and staying on budget can be really hard.  Here are a few tips that will help cut down on the little things!

1. Be sure to check out different website that allow you to download different fonts for free like  Download one or two fonts and use them throughout your wedding for save the dates, invites, programs, name cards, etc.  

 2. Bridal pieces accessories are necessary to a complete bridal look; but, they can be pricey.  So, be sure to check out Etsy for amazing handcrafted pieces like the first two belts below.  Or search for rhinestone or pearl appliques or brooches (3rd picture) and created a belt yourself by attaching the applique to a piece of ribbon.  Also, also look to Etsy and online for a veil.  You will find a much better deal.  DO YOUR RESEARCH and read both positive and negative reviews before buying anything!!!


Etsy – BellaBescaBoutique – $45.00

JB132 Crystal Clear Glass Rhinestone Applique Pearl 5.5" (JB132-crp)

3.  For bridal accessories, also check out Charming Charlie, Forever 21, and similar retailers.  These retailers are realizing that jewelry can be expensive and they are offering earrings, belts, brooches, bracelets, etc. at reasonable prices.  For accessories, try to avoid buying them at bridal gown boutique and shops, they hike up the prices significantly.
5.  When shopping for a dress, whether it is for the bride or bridesmaid, be sure to go home and do your research.  For my wedding, I found a bridesmaids dress I really liked, but, it was just too much for me too ask my sisters and best friends to spend, I came home and did a little research and found the same dress (not a replica) shipped directly from the designer for $60 cheaper.
I have told you where you can save a little money and now I will tell you where not to trim the fat: the photographer.  I know photography is expensive and I am lucky that my mother is a photographer.  However, I also realize that the pictures, along with the memories, will be all I have at the end of the day.  I am not saying spend the whole budget on pictures; but, make sure you have someone who knows what they are doing and who has done it before.
schonholtz-416 (2)

DIY Candle Decor

I love candles and I love burning candles for no other reason than they are pretty.  So, here’s a fun way to display candlestick in something a little different.  This can be used on a mantle or maybe at a wedding for the “in memory” table.  Be sure to keep an eye on the candle if it is above the glass and when the flame is close to the ribbon.


You will need:

  • Glass Vase/Cylinder
  • 5 or more candlesticks
  • Extra candle
  • Hair tie or Rubber Band
  • Ribbon
  • Matches/Lighter


First, gather a bunch of candle sticks.  Use different colors and different complimentary scents!  Gather them with a hair tie or rubber band.  This will hold them all in place.  Tie a ribbon around the candles to cover the hair tie.DSC_0333


Next, take a candle, it will be easiest if you have one separate from the bundle.  Light the candle and turn it sideways over the glass cylinder or vase.  Let the wax drip onto the bottom of the cylinder.  Once you have a little puddle, stick you bundle on top of the liquid wax.  Hold it firmly until it dries.  This will hold the bundle in the center of the cylinder.


After it is dry and firmly in place, light the candles and enjoy!



The Easiest Wall Art You’ll Ever Make!

I am not joking when I say this is the easiest wall art to DIY.  I have dabbled with the whole canvas, spray paint, sticker letters, mod podge version of wall art.  But, when you’re in a bind and you need a fast and personalized way to create some wall art, THIS is the way to go!

You will need:

  • quote
  • 3D sticker letters
  • access to printer
  • frame




Pick a quote or phrase to type onto a Word document.  You’ll also decide which word you want to “stand out” with your 3D sticker letters.  This project was for my nephew’s nursery.  My other 7 year old nephew said this to my sister a few days after she had the baby; it was the cutest thing and I knew right away I wanted to do something with this quote! 

Print out the quote, attach the sticker letters and place into the frame.

 This is a great way to create a personalized gift for a baby or bridal shower.  It’s inexpensive and truly requires no special skills.  What would your wall art say?!




Framed Poster Collage

My nephew’s first birthday was in April, so my sister went ALL OUT for his first birthday bash.  For the main decoration she created a simple and modern photo collage of all his first, super important events that took place during the past year: first happy bath, first photoshoot, first wedgie, etc.

She went to, photo section, and selected the poster option.  Then, followed the simple uploading instructions-you can select up to 30 photos!  

photo 2

 The poster allows for a caption to be displayed on the poster, as you see here “Miles’ Year of Firsts”.  

photo 1

photo 3

Once she uploaded the photos (she had HUNDREDS to choose from) and got the poster printed at Walmart, she simply wrote a short caption next to each photo using a Sharpie pen.

photo 4

photo 5

The end product was a hit!  She included both sentimental events and silly ones: first ride in the car, first photo with his Great Grammy, first wedgie, first photo with Santa (he was scared for his life). 

This project can be used for any special event; wedding, milestone birthday, graduation.  The frame was $12.99 at Walmart and the poster cost less than $13.  If you’re really trying to be frugal, get a poster board from a craft store and attach printed photos using a tape runner.





DIY Barbie Cake ; For Beginners!

This past weekend was our very own, Kristin’s “Vintage Barbie” themed bridal shower.  It was done BEAUTIFULLY and the decorations were perfect!  I was asked to make the Barbie cake.  Yes, literally a barbie cake.  The kit includes the top half of a barbie that you stick into the center of the finished cake.  I had seen these cakes before but had never made one myself.  The idea of baking and decorating a barbie cake was intimidating and I was definitely nervous about the process! 

Much to my surprise, it was simple and a lot of fun.  The Barbie Cake Kit gives a how-to on decorating the skirt of the cake in different ways.  Fondant was used on all of the cakes, but that was not something I was comfortable using.  That’s why I decided to stick with good ‘ol icing and edible sprinkles. 

You will need:

  •  Barbie Cake Kit
  • Icing spatula
  • Frosting
  • Cupcake icing
  • Edible sprinkles

*All items were purchased from Michael’s Arts and Crafts, except for the frosting and cupcake icing which was purchased at a local grocery store. 


Using a 2-layer box of cake mix, follow the directions in the Barbie Cake Kit to bake the skirt of the cake.  Let cool for about an hour and then it’s time to decorate!

photo 1 

Once the cake has cooled down, place onto a safe and sturdy plate or platform.  I just used the top of a pizza box.  (The white part of the cake is just flour from the pan). 

photo 3

Using your icing spatula, spread the icing evely onto the cake.  I simply turned the cardboard with one hand, while spreading the icing with the other.

photo 4

This is the fun part!  Take your edible sprinkles and carefully sprinkle onto the top/narrow part of the skirt/cake.  I just chose to go with an “ombre” effect.  A lot of sprinkles at the top, fading down into very few sprinkles. 

photo 1-1

For the top of the dress, I subsituted fondant with a tube of pink cupcake icing and a decorative tip. First, I inserted the Barbie into the cake; this makes it easier to decorate.

photo 2-1

I used a tip to create a bustier effect for the top of the dress.  The icing is simple to use and took me a quick 5 minutes to complete. 

photo 4-1

Finally, I added some edible sparkle to the bustier.

photo 3-1

To finish it off and tie the bustier into the skirt of the dress, I added some decoration to the skirt, using the cupcake icing and decorative tip.

photo 5

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