Blonde vs. Brunette vs. Brunette – Country Concert/Tailgaiting

If you saw Monday’s post, you know that we went to a country concert for the Brunette’s birthday.  We wanted to post a picture from the concert to show what we actually wore.  You can see how different our styles really are.


This is our other best friend and she loves her some country concerts and country boys.   She wore her cowboy boots and her feet were sweatin’ up a storm.  What women won’t do for fashion…? She also rocked her jean cutoffs, America tank with a black bandeau underneath and a fun, long necklace.  This is pretty much the country concert wardrobe.  A good pair of boots, cutoffs, and representing for the good ole’ U S of A.  She is definitely more country than we are and she loves it!  I say Yeeehaw to her outfit.


I wore a rolled up, Bermuda length pair of jean shorts, a oatmeal colored knit racerback tank, and a simple pair of black strappy sandals.  I chose this because I knew it was going to be hot and I wanted to keep it as simple as possible.  I liked the tank and the fact that it was knit because it would keep my relatively cool during the day and hide any unsightly sweat marks.  The sandals allowed my feet to remain cool and the jean shorts…  some may call them mom shorts, but, my philosophy on shorts is that you cannot rock a booty short after 25.  This is just how I feel, I do not speak for all at Bubbly on a Budget.


While I am all for themed outfits and dressing up, I chose to stick to my signature style rather than opting for the signature country concert wardrobe, which would have felt like a costume to me.  I wore a black cutout maxi dress bought from Forever21.  The sandals were super comfortable and had a funky, tribal pattern; snatched these babies up from Target.  My favorite accessory is obvious; my FANNYPACK.  I don’t care what anyone says, this fanny is PERFECT for concerts.  I had all my essentials right with me at all times without the hassle of holding a purse or having to leave my money, ID, or cell phone inside the car.  I was concerned at first about the black dress in such hot weather,  but it ended up being very comfortable and worth it.

As you can see, it’s important to know your style and feel confident in what you’re wearing.  We love that all 3 of these looks are so unique to our personalities and yet we all felt confident and comfortable; and those are the best accessories for any outfit!





DIY Chain Pocket T-Shirt

I am always trying to come up with ways to make my t-shirts and comfy staple pieces a little more unique and fun.  That is where this post was born.  Why not have an oversized, comfy tank with a chain pocket detail?  I picked up the shirt at a second hand store for $2.99 and the chain from Michael’s (with a coupon) for under $3.  I chose to get an oversized tank to make the look even more edgy.  This project will take a little patience and a little sewing by hand skill!


You will need:

  • tank/tshirt
  • chain
  • needle
  • thread
  • sewing pins
  • piece of paper and marker/pencil (for a pattern)
  • scissors


First, you will need to draw and cut out the size pocket you want.  This piece of paper will act as a pattern and also help while you are sewing on the chains.  Then cut the chain to match the length of the pattern.  Lay it out on the pattern to make sure it matches up and is the size and look you want.


Then, pin the pocket pattern where you want it on the shirt.  Take this time to place it exactly where you want.  Nothing would be worse than sewing it all on only to find that it is too far left/right or too high/low.  It might also be smart to try the shirt on with the pocket or look at a shirt with a pocket for best placement.  Remember the pocket will most likely droop/dip a little in the center.


This is where patience and sewing is needed.  Each chain will need to be sewn to the shirt at the first link and the last link.  As you add more links, also connect, with thread, the first and last link the chain above it.

(I removed the pattern for the picture.)


Once you finish sewing each chain, you can go back and add any addition chains if you fill the pocket doesn’t look filled enough.


This is a picture of how the shirt looks on the inside.  Not pretty but this was the easiest and fastest way to have the chain stay.



The shirt will need to be hand washed to keep the chains intact.

Any questions, just ask (!  Any comments, type away!

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