DIY T-shirt Makeover Part III

 So, we have done a few plain onesie makeovers in the past and I came up with another.  This was inspired by some pinterest mug idea.  You put a sticker on a mug and just use a sharpie to make dots around the sticker.  Why not try with something you can wear?  I chose a onesie but be creative!! This is definitely a perfect summertime project to do with kids!


You will need:

  • plain onesie, tshirt, bag, etc.
  • paint
  • scissors
  • freezer paper
  • iron
  • unsharpened wooden pencils


This project is similar to the freezer paper t-shirt in the past.  First, lay out what you are planning to paint on, I used a onesie, and put a piece of cardboard between the layers to prevent the paint from bleeding to the other side.


Next cutout, from the freezer paper, the symbol, words, shape, letter, etc. you want to be featured.  I chose a cross.  Once you have placed it on the t-shirt, bag, onesie, etc. where you want, iron it down on a medium setting.  Be sure to move the iron all over the freezer paper for a good seal.


Once the freezer paper is ironed on, use the eraser or unsharpened end of a pencil to create dots around the shape.  I dedicated a different side of two pencils to different colors.  Note: I used the acrylic paints I had laying around the house (the colors make look familiar) and added a drop of water and mixed to thin out the paint so when it dries it isn’t as stiff.


Continue until you feel like the shape will be recognizable when the freezer paper is removed.  Go as crazy or as simple as you’d like.  You can keep the dots concentrated just around the shape or spread them out!