Fall 2013 Trend : Houndstooth

Fall 2013 Trend : Houndstooth

Fall Trend: Statement Jewelry and Tights

With chilly weather right around the corner, I will definitely be strutting around in some pantyhose and tights for an extra layer.  I’ve picked some fun tights that are attention grabbers and if paired with the right jewelry, can make a whole look even better.
Fall Trend: Statement Jewelry and Tights
These tights and pieces of jewelry are BOLD, so I suggest the patterns and shape of the rest of your outfit be simple.  Stick with solid, yet bold colors when wearing these tights with a dress.  If you’re going for a more comfortable look, pair these statement tights with jean shorts and boots.  The best part of these tights is that each piece of jewelry can be worn with any of the tights.  Variety is a plus and enables you to mix and match the different pieces.

Fall Trend: White on Top, Black on Bottom

Fall is right around the corner so just about every style magazine has begun jumping on the FALL 2013 Trends.  One of my favorite trends is the black and white combo: White on Top, Black on Bottom.  It can dressed up or dressed down.  Black and White NEVER go out of style so any buys you make will be long-lasting!

Look #1 : Va-Va Voom

This is daring look, perfect for a weekend party.  Pair it with a cropped leather jacket and you’re good to go!

Look #2 : Office Space

Loving the softness of the lace paired with these wide leg trousers and the pop of red is perfect.

Look #3 : Wintery Weekend

I would love this look for a chilly weekend running errands or grabbing lunch with friends.

Look #4 : Lovely in Loungewear

If I’m lounging around the house this would definitely be my cozy, go-to look.  If I needed to run an errand real quick, I’d throw on these cute sneaks.

Fall Trend: White on Top, Black on Bottom






DIY Wedding Hair (EASY, I PROMISE!)

This past weekend I was a “groomswoman” in my cousin’s wedding.  If you’ve been in a wedding before, you will know it can be a multiple night celebration, beginning with the rehearsal and a dinner following. 

Rehearsal Night

The rehearsal took place this past Friday night, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to wear a vibrant, maxi dress I bought (on sale for $20) at a local H&M.  I wanted to do something equally fun with my hair.  That’s when I looked at Refinery29.com for some ideas!  I found this perfect updo hairstyle that requires minimal effort.  The mohawk shape of it goes perfectly with the print of the dress.  My hair is thin, but the length made it look as similar as possible to the photograph.  20130812-141625.jpg

Funky Up-Do

Limited Edition Maxi Dress 


Wedding Day 

As a “groomswoman”, I was only asked to wear black.  I ended up with a classic, black dress with a gorgeous V-cut back.  It was simple and sleek and will definitely be worn again!  I wanted my hair to up to expose the shape of the back, so I was on the hunt for an EASY french twist.  After a grueling 2 minutes of searching on Pinterest, I found a perfect look.  While I was obviously going to stand out on the groom’s side, it was a subtle look that was definitely a hit with the bride and the bridesmaids!


Easy French Twist

Crepe Woven Dress

For both updos I used bobbypins, a teasing comb, and hairspray; I also used elastics for the first updo. THAT’S IT!

TIP: I think the key in doing your own hair for special events is to lean toward the “messier” and softer looks.  I am a big fan of imperfect hair that is whispy and a little unkempt.  It allows for more mistakes unlike the typical, slicked back updos. 

Fashionable Fitness – Part 2

So, every year we resolve to work out more and eat better and this year was no different.  My current workout routine consists of going to the gym and hitting up a cycle class, some yoga, and a few days of my own “routines.”  If you buy clothes for an occasion, you get excited, correct?  So, if you buy workout clothes, you will be excited to wear them.  And once I have the clothes on I feel obligated to work out.  Ridiculous, I know, but hey… it works for me.

Well, the Brunette gave you a number of fun and functional sports bras.  I thought I would go on the hunt for some fashionable bottoms to make you feel amazing as you work on your fitness.

   1. Champion Compression Capris
C9 by Champion® Women's Capri Compression Tight - Assorted Colors
2. Champion Running Shorts
C9 by Champion® Women's Running Shorts - Assorted Colors
3. Space Tie Dye Workout Capri
4. Floral Cropped Active Capris

5.  Colorblock Active Leggings

Look for Less: Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff has recently become a fashion role model for me.  She is right up there with Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie, and Rachel Bilson.  I love that she has a casually cute style during the day, but bumps it up with an edgy, feminine style for a date night and events.  And because my body type is similar to hers, I can get an idea of what shapes and styles would work for me.

Her look below is my ideal date night ensemble.  Hilary’s version is well over $1,000 but it can easily be replicated for a more reasonable price.  See for yourself!



Hilary Duff’s Look

A.L.C Shay Top $260

Flavia d’Orsay Pumps $795

Edgement Stretch-denim Skinny Jeans $239


Cami with Mesh Panel $29.70 – Asos.com

Hilary’s keyhole tank is sexy, without being over the top.  The Asos version gives that sex appeal with the mesh panel and delicate material and the thin straps are perfect for a summer night.


Mod Stripe Skinny Jeans $27.80 – Forever21.com

YOWZA!  These pants are loud, I admit.  But they’re too fun to pass up.  Less than $30 for a pair of statement pants is very reasonable!  Whether they’re flower printed, geometric shapes, or stripes, every girl should own a staple pair of YOWZA pants.


Since I couldn’t decide on just 1 pair for this outfit, I went with a variety of va-va voom pointed-toe options:

1. Copertina Suede Pump $89.98 (Chineselaundry.com) The Copertina Suede Pumps provide a pop of color, just like Hilary’s. 

2. Vice Pump $68.00 (NastyGal.com) The Vice Pumps are my favorite of the 4;  the white cap toe is the selling point for this pair!

3. Paris Jaze Printed Pump $59.95 (DSW.com) The printed pair is perfect for those nights you are feeling extra fantastic; nothing says “I’m here to be noticed” like mixing prints.

4. Ella Pump $68.00 (NastyGal.com) The Ella Pump is a beautiful mint color that screams “60’s Mod”, when paired with black and white. 






Fashionable Fitness – Part 1

This year I’ve been focused on being healthier and happier; better diet, more sleep, and exercising several times a week.  Sounds annoying right?  Eating better and getting more sleep comes easier for me than getting pumped up for an intense workout.  The one thing that does give me that extra motivation to workout is simple and undoubtedbly pretty pathetic; cute workout gear. 

It seems silly, but for those of us who love fashion, looking good and feeling good does not stop at the gym or inside your own home.  My current workout routine consists of popping in the Insanity DVDs 5-7 days a week.  This means I am in the comfort of my own personal space, free to wear whatever I want!

This week I went on an online hunt for fun and functional sports bras, sure to make you look and feel like a true fitness fashionista. 

1. The “FunkMaster Flex Those Biceps” Sports Bra

Tie Dye Sports Bra $19.98 - Macy's

Tie Dye Sports Bra $19.98 – Macy’s

I love a good modern and chic take of a tie dye print and this one nails it!   



2. The “Not-So-Mellow Yellow” Sports Bra

Adidas Faster Bra $25.00 - Adidas

Adidas Faster Bra $25.00 – Adidas

This bra screams summertime!  I love the bright color and the strap on the back is unique and fun. 


3. The “Pretty in Patterns” Sports Bra

Unit-Y 'Be Nimble' Sports Bra $20.00 - Nordstrom

Unit-Y ‘Be Nimble’ Sports Bra $20.00 – Nordstrom

This flirty bra is perfect for the girly girl who wants to get her sweat on.


4. The “Jumping Jacks in Geometrics” Sports Bra

Hurley Pivot Sports Bra $29.99 - Pac Sun

This bra is a must-have!  The pattern is reminiscent of the 80’s with the geometric shapes and bold pattern.  I would even consider doubling it up as a crop top and pairing it with a high waisted maxi skirt.


5. The “Strappy-Sexy” Sports Bra

Strappy Crossback Sports Bra $12.80 - FOREVER 21

Strappy Crossback Sports Bra $12.80 – FOREVER 21

What’s not to appreciate about this crossback sports bra?  The back details are unique but still functional.


6. The “Ready to Destroy this Workout” Sports Bra   

Yoga Sports Bra Top $7.99 - Urban Outfitters

Yoga Sports Bra Top $7.99 – Urban Outfitters

This is definitely my personal favorite!  I am really into camo right now so you better believe I will be rocking this sports bra at any chance I can get!


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