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Vintage Barbie | spunk greetings


Holy Grail of Bacon

WARNING: If you’re a vegetarian and the sight of bacon makes you sick, LEAVE THIS WEBSITE NOW. 




But, if you love any and everything that is Bacon (like myself), take a look at some of the strangest and coolest bacon products out there.


Holy Grail of Bacon

I think it’s completely hilarious and a little absurd that there are bacon products ranging from actual, edible bacon, to chapsticks and SWEATSHIRTS with BACON PATTERNS.  It makes my obsession with bacon even grander and it also reassures me that I’m not the only one with a bacon obsession.  Why do I love bacon so much?  Well, gee, I don’t know.  Maybe because it’s only the greatest taste on Earth.  And you don’t even need to add anything. NOTHING at all.  Whether I’m eating way too many pieces of bacon by itself, dipped in syrup, on a BLT sanwich, or as a delicious accessory to my Bloody Mary, bacon has proved to me time after time just how unstoppable it is.  This is the only food I will never replace in my diet.  I simply do not care how salty and fattening it is.  It is bacon and it makes me happy. 

Check out these links to some other bizarre yet brilliant bacon products:

Bacon Candle

Bacon Alarm Clock

Massage Oil (LMAO)


Oh, and shame on you if you missed National Bacon Day on August 31st…shame on you.