DIY Barbie Cake ; For Beginners!

This past weekend was our very own, Kristin’s “Vintage Barbie” themed bridal shower.  It was done BEAUTIFULLY and the decorations were perfect!  I was asked to make the Barbie cake.  Yes, literally a barbie cake.  The kit includes the top half of a barbie that you stick into the center of the finished cake.  I had seen these cakes before but had never made one myself.  The idea of baking and decorating a barbie cake was intimidating and I was definitely nervous about the process! 

Much to my surprise, it was simple and a lot of fun.  The Barbie Cake Kit gives a how-to on decorating the skirt of the cake in different ways.  Fondant was used on all of the cakes, but that was not something I was comfortable using.  That’s why I decided to stick with good ‘ol icing and edible sprinkles. 

You will need:

  •  Barbie Cake Kit
  • Icing spatula
  • Frosting
  • Cupcake icing
  • Edible sprinkles

*All items were purchased from Michael’s Arts and Crafts, except for the frosting and cupcake icing which was purchased at a local grocery store. 


Using a 2-layer box of cake mix, follow the directions in the Barbie Cake Kit to bake the skirt of the cake.  Let cool for about an hour and then it’s time to decorate!

photo 1 

Once the cake has cooled down, place onto a safe and sturdy plate or platform.  I just used the top of a pizza box.  (The white part of the cake is just flour from the pan). 

photo 3

Using your icing spatula, spread the icing evely onto the cake.  I simply turned the cardboard with one hand, while spreading the icing with the other.

photo 4

This is the fun part!  Take your edible sprinkles and carefully sprinkle onto the top/narrow part of the skirt/cake.  I just chose to go with an “ombre” effect.  A lot of sprinkles at the top, fading down into very few sprinkles. 

photo 1-1

For the top of the dress, I subsituted fondant with a tube of pink cupcake icing and a decorative tip. First, I inserted the Barbie into the cake; this makes it easier to decorate.

photo 2-1

I used a tip to create a bustier effect for the top of the dress.  The icing is simple to use and took me a quick 5 minutes to complete. 

photo 4-1

Finally, I added some edible sparkle to the bustier.

photo 3-1

To finish it off and tie the bustier into the skirt of the dress, I added some decoration to the skirt, using the cupcake icing and decorative tip.

photo 5

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