Fall 2013 Trend : Houndstooth

Fall 2013 Trend : Houndstooth

Designer Fashion

We at Bubbly on a Budget love fashion that is inexpensive; but, as we get older, we want the items to also stand the test of time.  We want both quality and quantity.  We are clearly not the only ones and that is why different stores are linking up with high end designers to offer items at a more affordable price.  Target promotes their partnerships and usually has the collection for a few months or until its sells out.  But, there are other stores that continue to stock the collaboration and here are a few.

Kohl’s and Derek Lam

Derek Lam for Kohl’s – $54.00 (the shirt is on clearance for less than $10)

These pants are a must for the fall and great for almost every season.  The pleating is not flattering on all figures; so, be sure to try them on in the store or when they first arrive.  Kohl’s has one of the best return policies; so, don’t be afraid to shop online.  Also, be sure to check for a coupon code before ordering.  They always have great deals!  Be sure to check out their clearance section online.  You can find great finds there are as well.  Like the dress below.  They also have a skirt, tank dress, and tank top available, on clearance, in a similar print.

Vera Wang for Kohl’s
Vera Wang has a vast collection at Kohl’s ranging from clothes and sleepwear to cosmetics and shoes.  The cutout sweater and tassel smoking loafers are perfect for the fall and winter.  They would incorporate well into a work wardrobe as well as everyday. Check out a few of the Simply Vera pieces that are currently on clearance.  There were also a few pairs of great jeans for less than $25.00.
Christian Siriano for Payless

Women's Arabella Shootie

Christian Siriano – $56.99

Women's Bell Crossbody

Christian Siriano – $26.99

These wedges and bag are amazing.  I loved Christian Siriano on Project Runway and I love his collection at Payless.  I know what you’re thinking, Payless?  But, don’t count them out just yet.  The current collection has some great booties, heels, and bags for the upcoming season!

Lastly is Phillip Lim for Target.  The collection is currently preview only but is set to launch on September 15, 2013.  It is has very tailored sportswear and accessories and is described as being, “sophisticated yet effortless.”  The collection is rumored to range between $20 and $50 and is being called 3.1 Phillip Lim x Target.  And if it its anything like the past collaborations, everything will fly off the shelves and your best bet will be eBay at 4 times the cost.  If you see anything you like, be sure to be at the store or already on the Target website when it launches.

Blonde vs. Brunette – Celeb Challenge

This week the challenge will be to recreate a celeb’s casual look for less.  We will both include the prices and places to find the pieces.

BLONDE: Jessica Alba

I love Jessica Alba’s laid back style.  Whether rocking the red carpet or going to the park with her kids, she is the definition of chic.


Jessica Alba

I love a great maxi and the floral pattern and bright colors on this dress take it to another level.  I love the way she added the cutoff jean jacket and casual accessories.


Colorful print maxi – Target $29.99

The colors on this maxi are almost dead on.  It isn’t floral; so, if that is what you are dead set on, check out Target’s website they had a few different options.


Short sleeve jean jacket – Target $29.99

This jean jacket is adorable and with the $30 price tag is perfect.  It is extremely versatile and will transcend time and seasons.

With the shoes, you could go with a pair similar to the picture (like the ones I included) or go with a cute gladiator flat sandal.
The colors of this scarf are neutral and play well with the entire outfit.  The infinity scarf will easily work its way into your wardrobe.


Round frame sunglasses – Forever 21 $5.80

These are not the exact shape; but, the frame style is very trendy right now and they are the perfect shade of brown for the dress.

BRUNETTE: Julianne Hough

Julianne is looking very edgy these days.  Her cute, blonde bob pairs so well with her laidback style.


This jacket with faux leather sleeves is a must have for a casual day ensemble.  Totally digging it.

Forever 21 - $42.80

Forever 21 – $42.80

This simple V-neck tee is versatile and thing; perfect for those warm summer nights.

Target - $8.00

Target – $8.00

Can’t go wrong with a comfy pair of denim shorts to balance out the jacket.


Forever 21 – $19.80

I don’t personally wear denim shorts often, but if I did, they would look like this.  The denim keeps the look casual and fun.

Forever21 - $39.80

Forever21 – $39.80

These boots keep the outfit edgy and I love pairing combat boots with shorts.  Very laid-back but still put together.


Forever 21 - $7.80

Forever 21 – $7.80

Finish the look with a pair of round sunnies.  I would rock this look for a shopping trip or a casual summer date.

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To Save or To Splurge? SAVE, DUH!

Let’s face it: cheaper is cheaper, because it’s not the best quality and it probably won’t stand the test of time.  But I think that’s perfectly acceptable when it comes to buying trendy items that I know I won’t necessarily want to keep until I’m old and gray.  However, when it comes to a good pair of jeans, a nice winter coat, or a timeless pair of heels, I think it’s necessary to fork out a little more dough.

I’m here to show you 5 expensive, trendy, summer accessories that we’d love to get our hands on, can be had–at a lower price.  Can’t beat it!


Stella McCartney 'Selma Dancing' Soft Cup Bra

Nordstrom-Stella McCartney ‘Selma Dancing’ Soft Cup Bra

Caterina Lace Bralette

NastyGal-Caterina Lace Bralette

BIG SPENDA [Nordstrom.com $150.00]


PENNY PINCHER [NastyGal.com $18.00]

For all us ladies that lack in the chesticle region, I personally think this lace bralette is comparable to a little cleavage.  It comes in a ton of colors and looks great peeking out from under a loose fitting tank top during a summertime outting.    



Laura Lee Letter Necklace

Asos-Laura Lee Letter Necklace

Diament Jewelry for Urban Renewal Tiny Letter Necklace

BIG SPENDA [Asos.com $313.95]


PENNY PINCHER [Urbanoutfitters.com $9.99]

I love these necklaces!  They are simple and can be worn with other necklaces for a chunky, statement necklace effect.



Deena and Ozzy Tropic Heat 5-Panel Hat

UO-Deena and Ozzy Tropic Heat 5-Panel Hat

Xhilaration Floral Baseball Hat

Target-Xhilaration Floral Baseball Hat

BIG SPENDA [Urbanoutfitters.com $24.00]


PENNY PINCHER [Target.com $9.99]

Although it’s not insane to spend around $25 for a baseball hat, it just seems silly to do that when you can get it for less.  Personally, I like the white pattern better, but I like the cheaper priced black pattern even more.  Perfect for a day at the pool or as a funky accessory for a day at an amusement park. 



Coral Bikini 183.00 Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal-Coral Bikini

Forever 21 23.60

 BIG SPENDA [NastyGal.com $183.00]


PENNY PINCHER [Forever21.com $23.60]

 I am super weird about tan lines, so I usually opt for the bandeau bikini top or a triangle top with straps I can remove.  HOWEVER, this top is so cute with the 90’s halter vibe, that I need to get my hands on one.  That’s why I’d go for the F21 version and wear it when I’m feelin’ feisty!  


House of Harlow 1960 Flat-Stud CrossBody Bag 250.00

UO-House of Harlow 1960 Flat-Stud CrossBody Bag

Forever 21-Bolt Stud Crossbody Bag

Forever 21-Bolt Stud Crossbody Bag

BIG SPENDA [Urbanoutfitters.com $250]


PENNY PINCHER [Forever21.com $27.80]

These bags are a staple item to jazz up a casual summer date night outfit.  The bags are so similar; even if I had $250 to throw around I would still buy the F21 version!



Blonde vs. Brunette – Date Night Under $50 Challenge

This weeks Blonde vs. Brunette challenge will involve a budget; something we both know very well.  We scoured the internet to find a complete look for date night that was under $50.

Kristin – THE BLONDE


Racer Back Maxi in Khaki –  $15.27 at ASOS

My fiancé and me are definitely laid back relax kind of people and our date nights are no different.  So, I would keep it really comfortable, simple, and casual on a standard date night.  That’s why this tank, maxi dress in khaki is perfect.  I think ASOS is the best place to shop for well made, interesting, inexpensive dresses.  What’s best about ASOS is they show you a video with a model wearing all their shoes and clothes.  This gives you the ability to see how it would actually hang or fit.


Cork wedge platform sandal in bubblegum pink – $29.99 at Target

I love a good wedge.  They are easy to wear for a long period of time and they would be a perfect shoe for this summer dress.  I usually check out a few websites for reasonably priced shoes: DSW, Target, and ASOS.  I found these on Target’s website.  I love the vintage feel of the wedge and I think the pink would be fun and unexpected.  You could also go with the same shoe in the black wedge.


Arrow Head Necklace – $3.80 at Forever 21

I love gold with khakis and browns; so, I would definitely choose gold.  I checked out Forever 21’s website first since they have such a wide selection as an inexpensive price.  And, I went with something casual and simple to keep the look cohesive.  This long necklace with the deco arrow head design would be perfect.

7701_900px_a_100011 (2)

Nostalgic Lipstick – $1.00 at ELF

(Color is actually a little more nude than picture sample)

I would go loose waves with this look.  And I would pair a nude lip and heavy eyes with this look.  When you think you’ve got enough mascara on, let your lashes dry, curl them again, and put more mascara on!!

TOTAL: $15.27 + $29.99 + $3.80 + $1.00 = $50.06

So, I went over by 6 cents… who cares.


photo 2

Sparkle & Fade Knit Surplice Romper $29.99 – UrbanOutfitters.com

I just realized how big a fan of rompers I am.  I don’t think this is particularly a look guys love, but I think they’re too cute so I always bank on my sexy confidence outweighing the man repelling abilities of a romper.  I love black, so I chose this sleek black v-neck romper.  Perfect for a casual yet extra-somethin’ kind of date night.

photo 1

Qupid Gipsy-01 Strappy Ankle Cuff Open Toe Wedge $22.30 – Urbanog.com

This wedges are killing me right now I just might order them.  Urbanog.com is a great website for a last minute, inexpensive purchase.  They have a lot of trendy shoe styles for low prices.  I am not a fan of the thick soled wedge; the thin sole under the ball of your feet gives a womanly feel to me.  As much as I love the Spice Girls and their platforms, I just cannot bring myself to bring back the platform wedge.

Ok so this cute little outfit is a few bucks over $50 limit; skip that iced coffee from Starbucks this week and put it toward your “Under $50 Date Night Outfit”!

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Blonde vs. Brunette – Brunch

Blonde vs. Brunette

Every Friday, we are going to do a fashion challenge.  In these challenges, we will go to an affordable clothing store and pick out outfits.  Each will highlight our personal style and fashion personality.  We will include the store name and prices.  We chose to visit a store instead of using our closet because so many times we have seen outfits and wished we could recreate them only to find out they were purchased years ago.

The first month our challenges will just be to pick out an outfit for a specific event.  This week we are shopping for our weekend brunch with the girls.

Kristin’s Pick  – THE BLONDE


Thin tan sweater – $22.99

Coral tailored shorts – $17.99


Leather strap sandals – $22.99

I love a light sweater with shorts; especially when going out to eat.  You never know if it is going to be hot or cold in a restaurant.  The sandals are strappy and neutral adding uniqueness without overtaking the outfit.  I really like to keep my jewelry simple; so, I would add an oversized watch, some simple studs, and sunglasses (just in case you eat outside).

Alex’s Pick – THE BRUNETTE


Skull Sweater – $22.99

White skinny jeans – $27.99


Sneaker wedges – $34.99

When I think going out to brunch, I think: Bloody Marys, cute outfit, and sunshine.  Brunch allows you to really wear whatever you want.  There’s really no unwritten fashion rules when it comes to brunch.  You can dress it up with a simple maxi dress and wedges, or if you’re like me, go for an edgier, casual look.  To contract the skull sweater, I’d wear a simple top knot, a thin gold watch, and simple studs.  PS. I am loving the monochromatic look right now–it makes even an edgy outfit, look chic.

Blonde vs. Brunette – Spring/Summer Concert Wardrobe

Blonde vs. Brunette

Every Friday, we are going to do a fashion challenge.  In these challenges, we will go to an affordable clothing store and pick out outfits.  Each will highlight our personal style and fashion personality.  We will include the store name and prices.  We chose to visit a store instead of using our closet because so many times we have seen outfits and wished we could recreate them only to find out they were purchased years ago.

The first month our challenges will just be to pick out an outfit for a specific event.  This week we are shopping for our spring/summer concert wardrobe at Target.

Blonde’s Pick



Long sleeve white t-shirt with back cut out- $17.99

Folded jean shorts – $19.99


Black and metal detail gladiator sandals– $19.99 (clearance – price may vary)

I love choosing pieces that are versatile and can easily be incorporated into your existing wardrobe.  Each piece is simple and light, perfect for a summer concert that spills into the breezy night.  I would keep it simple and steer away from jewelry; but, maybe accessorize with a fun fedora and sunglasses.

Brunette’s Pick


V-Neck Tee $9.99

Illusion Maxi Skirt $24.99


Multi color strap sandals – $22.99

I LOVE putting together an outfit for a summer concert.  It’s my chance to put together pieces I don’t normally wear and gives me the opportunity to take some risks.  Pairing a casual lightweight top with a sexy maxi, bright comfortable sandals, and a cross-body bag is my go-to summer concert look.

Any questions, just ask (bubblyonabudget@gmail.com)!  Any comments, type away!

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