August ’13 Bucket List

Although we’re almost a week into August, we still have the rest of the month to squeeze in any last-minute summertime activities. Once September rolls around, I immediately get sucked into the “Halloween/crisp air/layers of clothing/new Fall tv shows/Pumpkin Spice Latte” mode that I am really starting to love. BUT, before this mode shift occurs, I’ve decided to make a short and sweet (and realistic) bucket list to wrap up the month of August and Summer 2013!

1. Hiking, Yikes



I wouldn’t consider myself super “outdoorsy”, but I think it’s good for the mind, body and soul to spend a day hiking. Get outside, sweat a little, swat a few bugs, and reach a point and feeling of accomplishment.  Go with the first outfit for a beginner’s hike on a not-so-treacherous route.  If you plan on getting down and dirty on a real-deal mountain, you will definitely need to invest in some hiking boots.

Check out these 6 hiking tips for beginners!


2. Dinnertime Grillin’


Grilling is a must in the summertime and I’ve been wanting to have a Kabob-a-palooza all summer now.  Slapping this on the bucket list seems silly but these recipes require a little more effort than your average dinner planning.  I’d love to make all 3 version and pair it with a side salad for a fresh and light meal on a Friday night with my honey or a small group of friends.  And you better believe I’ll be sippin’ on a margarita (salt, on the rocks) while I’m grilling!

Kalyn’s Kitchen – Steak and Mushroom Kabobs

Skinny Taste – Lime Cilantro Shrimp Kabobs

Betty Crocker – Teriyaki Chicken Kabobs


3. Pool Party

I don’t have a pool in my backyard and unfortunately I don’t know anyone who has one, where I could just show up and plop myself in their water.  That’s when you have to make do with what you’ve got.  Be it the neighborhood community pool, or a local pool in your area, pack a small cooler (check the pool’s regulations, some don’t allow any outside food OR drinks in), a book, music, and most importantly, FRIENDS, and make a day of it. 


4. DIY Project



A great way to keep the summertime vibe alive during the transition into fall is your decor.  I wanted to find a DIY project that was “beachy”, yet not typical.  I have seen on various blogs and websites a a super easy and inexpensive way to jazz up seashells.  Using spray paint, you can transform a typical seashell into a work of art. This blogger gave a great tutorial on chroming shells she found on the beach.  My plan is to do the same, but use a matte black spray paint instead to give it a very unique and funky look.  If you’re unable to collect your own beach shells, Michael’s has a great variety of cheap shells you can decorate yourself!

5. Circufairnival (Circus + Fair + Carnival) 

I NEED to go to a circus, or a fair, or a carnival–BADLY!  I love the atmosphere of a the lights, the smell of the food, the animals, people watching, the shows, etc. These events can be pricey, so be aware of the money you’ll be forking over!  This is also a great opportunity to wear something fun and festive! 


Gourmet Turkey Burger, with a Kick!

Nothing compares to a damn good burger.  I’ve had my fair share of greasy, bacon wrapped, cheesy, juicy, ridiculously delicious burgers.  Unfortunately, the older I’ve gotten, the more I realize that I might as well staple those burgers to my thighs and rear end.  Gravity and age are no longer on my side, which is why I’ve turned to a healthier version of one of my favorite dishes. 

While I’m sure there are thousands of turkey burger recipes out there similar to this, I wanted to give you MY take on a healthy and filling burger.  This gourmet style bruger is packed with a punch; not for the faint of heart!


  • ground turkey (1lb. makes about 4 burgers)
  • fresh cilantro
  • jalapenos
  • pepper jack cheese
  • fresh garlic
  • salt and pepper
  • olive oil




Form ground turkey into patties.  I like to ball up the meat and flatten with my palms so that the edges are jagged and not perfectly round.  Call me crazy, but I firmly believe this “old school” shaped pattie makes a difference in the taste of the burger.   I also make my patties HUGE and flat; they will thicken up as they cook.  Season both sides with salt and pepper and set aside.


Chop about 3 garlic cloves.  Add a thin layer of olive oil to pan on low heat and toss in the garlic. 


Cut jalapenos into thin slices and chop the cilantro. 


Add jalapeno slices and chopped cilantro into pan with garlic to saute; increase heat to just below medium.


Add the seasoned patties to the pan; directly on top of the sauteed mix.


Increase heat as necessary until patties are fully cooked.


Once the patties are fully cooked, add slices of pepper jack cheese and take the jalapenos and cilantro on the pan to layer on top of the patty. 20130713-123040.jpg


I like to add Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce for dipping and pair this with sweet potato fries, a side salad, or corn on the cob.  It’s a zesty and light meal, perfect for summertime.  Use reduced fat cheese, no dipping sauce, and no bun if you’re looking to be extra healthy!





DIY T-shirt Makeover Part III

 So, we have done a few plain onesie makeovers in the past and I came up with another.  This was inspired by some pinterest mug idea.  You put a sticker on a mug and just use a sharpie to make dots around the sticker.  Why not try with something you can wear?  I chose a onesie but be creative!! This is definitely a perfect summertime project to do with kids!


You will need:

  • plain onesie, tshirt, bag, etc.
  • paint
  • scissors
  • freezer paper
  • iron
  • unsharpened wooden pencils


This project is similar to the freezer paper t-shirt in the past.  First, lay out what you are planning to paint on, I used a onesie, and put a piece of cardboard between the layers to prevent the paint from bleeding to the other side.


Next cutout, from the freezer paper, the symbol, words, shape, letter, etc. you want to be featured.  I chose a cross.  Once you have placed it on the t-shirt, bag, onesie, etc. where you want, iron it down on a medium setting.  Be sure to move the iron all over the freezer paper for a good seal.


Once the freezer paper is ironed on, use the eraser or unsharpened end of a pencil to create dots around the shape.  I dedicated a different side of two pencils to different colors.  Note: I used the acrylic paints I had laying around the house (the colors make look familiar) and added a drop of water and mixed to thin out the paint so when it dries it isn’t as stiff.


Continue until you feel like the shape will be recognizable when the freezer paper is removed.  Go as crazy or as simple as you’d like.  You can keep the dots concentrated just around the shape or spread them out!






Blonde vs. Brunette – Independence Day Challenge

July 4th Celebrations are right around the corner!  Whether you’re going to watch fireworks with a special someone, partying with a group of friends, or cooking out with your family, the 4th of July is the perfect time to play around with fresh and fun outfit ideas.

LOOK #1 – USA All Day

This a comfy outfit that can be worn all day in the blistering sun and be comfy for the cool summer night.  Look at the maxi dress more like a skirt by wearing a cropped shirt over it.  Also try a chambray shirt as fall and cooler weather approaches.  Because this is an all day outfit, I paired a metal detail sandal that is both comfy and chic.


Forever21 – $13.80


Forever21 – $7.80


Target – $22.99


This is a casual cookout look.  Nothing beats a good pair of chuck taylor converse and the white are perfect for the summer (if you can keep them clean).  This tank may be in the men’s section but I like the fact that it would be a little bigger in the arm hole.  Grab a red zip up because a good cookout always goes long after the sun goes down.


ASOS – $13.58


Target – 19.99


Modells – $44.99


This suit is AWESOME.  The retro shape and contrasting lines will be the perfect silhouette for all body types.  And the belt hits at the smallest part of a women’s waist and will create an amazing shape.  This suit is so fierce throw on a floppy hat, sexy wedges, some big sunglasses and work it!


ASOS – $47.52


Target – $14.99



The theme of this look is tough chick patriotism .  It’s a different take on the usual red-white-n-blue theme, but still shows your love for the good ‘ol USA.  I would wear something like this to a cookout with family and friends.

photo 2

Crossbody Bag, Camo Jeans, American Flag Horse Tank, Lace-Up Boot 


Cue Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix music, now please.  This outfit is my modern take on Woodstock meets Fourth of July.  The flower crown doesn’t have to be for the bold and daring; the small flowers are simple and not overwhelming.  I love the look of a high waisted midi skirt and a tube top or bralette; very feminine and fun.  Finish the look off with a pair of comfortable wedges and you’ve got yourself a perfect outfit to wear for your honey while you enjoy the fireworks!

photo 1

Flower Crown, Midi Skirt, Bandeau Bra Top, Midi-Wedge

LOOK #3 – American Woman

This look is for all of us wild women out there who just like to have a damn good time and look cool while doing it.  The graphic tee is so freaking fantastic and perfect for this edgy, rock ‘n roll vibe.  Aviators will always be badass and the bright red ankle boots are killerrrrrr.  To keep it not-so-costumey I’d go with a pair of sweet embroidered shorts, to contrast the hardness of the rest of the outfit.  Rock on, America.

photo 3

Peace Bones Tee, Embroidered Shorts, AviatorsAnkle Boot




Fashionable Fitness – Part 1

This year I’ve been focused on being healthier and happier; better diet, more sleep, and exercising several times a week.  Sounds annoying right?  Eating better and getting more sleep comes easier for me than getting pumped up for an intense workout.  The one thing that does give me that extra motivation to workout is simple and undoubtedbly pretty pathetic; cute workout gear. 

It seems silly, but for those of us who love fashion, looking good and feeling good does not stop at the gym or inside your own home.  My current workout routine consists of popping in the Insanity DVDs 5-7 days a week.  This means I am in the comfort of my own personal space, free to wear whatever I want!

This week I went on an online hunt for fun and functional sports bras, sure to make you look and feel like a true fitness fashionista. 

1. The “FunkMaster Flex Those Biceps” Sports Bra

Tie Dye Sports Bra $19.98 - Macy's

Tie Dye Sports Bra $19.98 – Macy’s

I love a good modern and chic take of a tie dye print and this one nails it!   



2. The “Not-So-Mellow Yellow” Sports Bra

Adidas Faster Bra $25.00 - Adidas

Adidas Faster Bra $25.00 – Adidas

This bra screams summertime!  I love the bright color and the strap on the back is unique and fun. 


3. The “Pretty in Patterns” Sports Bra

Unit-Y 'Be Nimble' Sports Bra $20.00 - Nordstrom

Unit-Y ‘Be Nimble’ Sports Bra $20.00 – Nordstrom

This flirty bra is perfect for the girly girl who wants to get her sweat on.


4. The “Jumping Jacks in Geometrics” Sports Bra

Hurley Pivot Sports Bra $29.99 - Pac Sun

This bra is a must-have!  The pattern is reminiscent of the 80’s with the geometric shapes and bold pattern.  I would even consider doubling it up as a crop top and pairing it with a high waisted maxi skirt.


5. The “Strappy-Sexy” Sports Bra

Strappy Crossback Sports Bra $12.80 - FOREVER 21

Strappy Crossback Sports Bra $12.80 – FOREVER 21

What’s not to appreciate about this crossback sports bra?  The back details are unique but still functional.


6. The “Ready to Destroy this Workout” Sports Bra   

Yoga Sports Bra Top $7.99 - Urban Outfitters

Yoga Sports Bra Top $7.99 – Urban Outfitters

This is definitely my personal favorite!  I am really into camo right now so you better believe I will be rocking this sports bra at any chance I can get!


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Blonde vs. Brunette Challenge – Ft.

         I think Cinderella proved that one shoe can make a difference.  But, if you ask us, so can a bag and some great accessories.  But, not every one is great at picking the perfect piece to play up their wardrobe.  This is where the amazing site, ShoeDazzle comes in.  It is like a free stylist at your fingertips.  When you arrive at the site, they have a free style quiz.  This helps them get to know your fashion sense.  After the style quiz, you are directed to a custom “shoe closet,” or as they refer to, a showroom, for you to pick from.  Perk: FREE shipping on first order and always free return shipping.

So stop by ShoeDazzle and take their free quiz.  We have included the names of the shoes and accessories.  If they don’t appear in your showroom, you can do a simple search and locate any of the items and the prices.  After checking out your showroom, be sure to check into their VIP membership.  As a VIP, you get 10%-25% off everything on the site!

We both visited ShoeDazzle and completed the style quiz for today’s challenge.  We picked out a pair of shoes and matching accessory for all different summer occasions.  Everything we have shown today is under $50!!

Kristin – THE BLONDE

Work it Out –



These are amazing.  I love the trendy thick ankle strap with the buckle.  The chunky heel makes these perfect for a day at the office, wherever that may be.  And furthermore,  this amazing cross print is unique and funky, but, classic with the use of cream and black.


Time it Right


I may not necessarily wear this watch with those shoes, but, this watch is gorgeous and looks really expensive.  And I have been really into the tortoise color watches lately.

Chillin’ & Relaxin’ –

Chelan in Yellow


These menswear inspired flats are even cooler with the tribal, geometric print.  The yellow is a great color for summer and fall and these would be great with a pair of comfy pair of coral shorts.




Backpack inspired purses/bags are awesome.  They are very versatile and would be great for a Brunch with the girls or sightseeing/vacation.

Miss Independent – (order soon to ensure you have it for the Fourth)



Ohh my goodness.  This is my inner Bettie Page trying to get out.  These retro inspired, star wedges are beyond.. I just want a pair to lay around the house and feel like a Vargas girl (sigh.. living in the wrong decade).


Eagle Eye


This eagle on this ring is screaming AMERICA!! This ring would be a fun piece to add to an outfit for any occasion but a MUST for the Fourth.

Going to the Chapel –



Prepare to get tons of compliments on these.  They have great lines and a good mix of metallic and neutral.  These could easily be paired with a number of dresses, shorts, or pants.  These would also be a great shoe for a bride or bridesmaid.)


Braid the Way


This bracelet is fun and a simple touch.  I am not a huge jewelry person; so, I look for pieces that are overly obnoxious and won’t get in the way or feel like I’m wearing jewelry (if that makes sense).  This braided chain bracelet is just that and it can easily be worked into different outfits for a variety of occasions.

Reservations Needed-



I am obsessed with nude shoes.  They elongate your legs and they are just the prettiest color.  The height of the heel on these paired with the open toe make for a perfect combination in my book.  Simple and classic yet somehow sexy.


Melton, Terang


This wristlet is the right amount of rock-n-roll for me.  It would contrast perfectly with the nude pumps above.  Just the right amount of edge against the femininity of the heels.  And this wristlet could double as a pouch in your purse and help transcend your outfit from day to night.


Dressed to Thrill –



Though I’m not a fan of kitten heels, I would make an exception for this pair.  It’s a perfect combo of classy meets rock n roll.  I love the studs and the pointy toe.  I’d pair these with destroyed jeans and a tank for a casual look or rev up a work outfit and wear them with slacks.


Chains of Time


This feaux tortoiseshell watch is a great match for these wild heels.  The sophistication of the watch balances out the daring and edgy heel.


Office Space – 



This pointed-toe pump can be worn casually with jeans or dressed up for a work outfit.  I love the snake skin print is done with subtley and not too over-the-top.  I especially love the strap across the top of the foot, very cute!




The Wisner bag is gorgeous and goes well with the Zabel pumps.  The cream color that pops from the snak skin print will pop even more when paired with this shoulder bag.


Opposites Attract – 



This gladiator wedge sandal screams “summer date night”!  They are definitely a statement pair of sandals so I’d keep the rest of the outfit and accessories simple and chic so the focus can be on these beauties.


Love Connection


This bracelet is classic.  It would be a nice contrast to the gladiator sandal.  Finish this outfit with a solid maxi dress and you’re ready to go!


Playtime – 



These peep-toe slingbacks are killer.  This is a great way to wear a white heel-might as well be bold about it!  I would pair these unique slingbacks with a maxi skirt or dress for a night out with my girls.


Come and Sea 


Because I am a lover of the sea, I was immediately drawn to this necklace.  I would definitely pair this with these slingbacks and a maxi skirt and simple white tank.  It gives the whole look a  beachy, airy vibe.


Queen of Pop –



I thought the Kayla’s above were bold, but these pumps take that to another level.  The color is bold, the structure is sleek, and the stone accent is a great way to make these stand out even more.  Again, since these will be the focal point of your ensemble, be sure to make sure your toes are in tip top shape 🙂


Braid the Way


This chainlink bracelet would go perfectly with these bold pumps.  The gold in the bracelet would no doubt bring out the gold in the accent piece of the pump.

Thanks to ShoeDazzle for sponsoring this week’s Blonde vs. Brunette Challenge!

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Summer 2013 Bathing Suits – $50 and Under

I’m currently on the hunt for a couple inexpensive swimsuits for the summer.  I don’t like spending a lot of money on my suits because I tend to be over them the following year.  Swim suits can be tricky to shop for online; I recommend trying on in a store or knowing exactly which sizes you are if possible.  If you’re like me however, online shopping is your best friend, even when it comes to swimsuits.

Today’s post shows 5 very different styled bikinis–fit for various body types and figures.

The One-Piece Wonder



Nylon Tricot Halter One-Piece $50 –
I NEED. I WANT. NOW. This halter one-piece would look gorgeous on any body type.  However, it may be most comfortable on those of us with smaller chests.  It comes in a variety of bright, unique colors.  Pair it with a maxi skirt and this bathing suit transforms into a sexy halter top.

The Classic Floral Print



Tropical Flower Bikini Top and Bottoms $26.60 –

I love the shape of this triangle top.  It provides fill coverage with a small lift.  This classic flower print has so many colors that you could easily pair the top with a solid print bottom or vice versa.

The Flirty Bandeau


Ruffle Bandeau Top and Tie Bottoms $36.50 –
Personally, I’m not a huge fan of ruffles-unless it’s on a bikini.  This cantaloupe color would be amazing against a darker complexion.  The ruffles give it a feminine vibe without being too girly.

The Mix and Match Bikini



Lime Longline Bikini Top and Plait Bikini Pants $46.00 –
This bikini top provides major coverage and has a vintage vibe that I love!  The bright color keeps it modern-especially if you pair it with the olive colored bottoms. This color combo is edgy but there were also other colors available on the website.

The Funky Fresh Bikini


Petrol Patterned Bikini $9.90 –
Tie dye?! And fringe?! For less than $10?! SOLD.

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