Blonde vs. Brunette – Independence Day Challenge

July 4th Celebrations are right around the corner!  Whether you’re going to watch fireworks with a special someone, partying with a group of friends, or cooking out with your family, the 4th of July is the perfect time to play around with fresh and fun outfit ideas.

LOOK #1 – USA All Day

This a comfy outfit that can be worn all day in the blistering sun and be comfy for the cool summer night.  Look at the maxi dress more like a skirt by wearing a cropped shirt over it.  Also try a chambray shirt as fall and cooler weather approaches.  Because this is an all day outfit, I paired a metal detail sandal that is both comfy and chic.


Forever21 – $13.80


Forever21 – $7.80


Target – $22.99


This is a casual cookout look.  Nothing beats a good pair of chuck taylor converse and the white are perfect for the summer (if you can keep them clean).  This tank may be in the men’s section but I like the fact that it would be a little bigger in the arm hole.  Grab a red zip up because a good cookout always goes long after the sun goes down.


ASOS – $13.58


Target – 19.99


Modells – $44.99


This suit is AWESOME.  The retro shape and contrasting lines will be the perfect silhouette for all body types.  And the belt hits at the smallest part of a women’s waist and will create an amazing shape.  This suit is so fierce throw on a floppy hat, sexy wedges, some big sunglasses and work it!


ASOS – $47.52


Target – $14.99



The theme of this look is tough chick patriotism .  It’s a different take on the usual red-white-n-blue theme, but still shows your love for the good ‘ol USA.  I would wear something like this to a cookout with family and friends.

photo 2

Crossbody Bag, Camo Jeans, American Flag Horse Tank, Lace-Up Boot 


Cue Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix music, now please.  This outfit is my modern take on Woodstock meets Fourth of July.  The flower crown doesn’t have to be for the bold and daring; the small flowers are simple and not overwhelming.  I love the look of a high waisted midi skirt and a tube top or bralette; very feminine and fun.  Finish the look off with a pair of comfortable wedges and you’ve got yourself a perfect outfit to wear for your honey while you enjoy the fireworks!

photo 1

Flower Crown, Midi Skirt, Bandeau Bra Top, Midi-Wedge

LOOK #3 – American Woman

This look is for all of us wild women out there who just like to have a damn good time and look cool while doing it.  The graphic tee is so freaking fantastic and perfect for this edgy, rock ‘n roll vibe.  Aviators will always be badass and the bright red ankle boots are killerrrrrr.  To keep it not-so-costumey I’d go with a pair of sweet embroidered shorts, to contrast the hardness of the rest of the outfit.  Rock on, America.

photo 3

Peace Bones Tee, Embroidered Shorts, AviatorsAnkle Boot





Blonde vs. Brunette Challenge – Ft.

         I think Cinderella proved that one shoe can make a difference.  But, if you ask us, so can a bag and some great accessories.  But, not every one is great at picking the perfect piece to play up their wardrobe.  This is where the amazing site, ShoeDazzle comes in.  It is like a free stylist at your fingertips.  When you arrive at the site, they have a free style quiz.  This helps them get to know your fashion sense.  After the style quiz, you are directed to a custom “shoe closet,” or as they refer to, a showroom, for you to pick from.  Perk: FREE shipping on first order and always free return shipping.

So stop by ShoeDazzle and take their free quiz.  We have included the names of the shoes and accessories.  If they don’t appear in your showroom, you can do a simple search and locate any of the items and the prices.  After checking out your showroom, be sure to check into their VIP membership.  As a VIP, you get 10%-25% off everything on the site!

We both visited ShoeDazzle and completed the style quiz for today’s challenge.  We picked out a pair of shoes and matching accessory for all different summer occasions.  Everything we have shown today is under $50!!

Kristin – THE BLONDE

Work it Out –



These are amazing.  I love the trendy thick ankle strap with the buckle.  The chunky heel makes these perfect for a day at the office, wherever that may be.  And furthermore,  this amazing cross print is unique and funky, but, classic with the use of cream and black.


Time it Right


I may not necessarily wear this watch with those shoes, but, this watch is gorgeous and looks really expensive.  And I have been really into the tortoise color watches lately.

Chillin’ & Relaxin’ –

Chelan in Yellow


These menswear inspired flats are even cooler with the tribal, geometric print.  The yellow is a great color for summer and fall and these would be great with a pair of comfy pair of coral shorts.




Backpack inspired purses/bags are awesome.  They are very versatile and would be great for a Brunch with the girls or sightseeing/vacation.

Miss Independent – (order soon to ensure you have it for the Fourth)



Ohh my goodness.  This is my inner Bettie Page trying to get out.  These retro inspired, star wedges are beyond.. I just want a pair to lay around the house and feel like a Vargas girl (sigh.. living in the wrong decade).


Eagle Eye


This eagle on this ring is screaming AMERICA!! This ring would be a fun piece to add to an outfit for any occasion but a MUST for the Fourth.

Going to the Chapel –



Prepare to get tons of compliments on these.  They have great lines and a good mix of metallic and neutral.  These could easily be paired with a number of dresses, shorts, or pants.  These would also be a great shoe for a bride or bridesmaid.)


Braid the Way


This bracelet is fun and a simple touch.  I am not a huge jewelry person; so, I look for pieces that are overly obnoxious and won’t get in the way or feel like I’m wearing jewelry (if that makes sense).  This braided chain bracelet is just that and it can easily be worked into different outfits for a variety of occasions.

Reservations Needed-



I am obsessed with nude shoes.  They elongate your legs and they are just the prettiest color.  The height of the heel on these paired with the open toe make for a perfect combination in my book.  Simple and classic yet somehow sexy.


Melton, Terang


This wristlet is the right amount of rock-n-roll for me.  It would contrast perfectly with the nude pumps above.  Just the right amount of edge against the femininity of the heels.  And this wristlet could double as a pouch in your purse and help transcend your outfit from day to night.


Dressed to Thrill –



Though I’m not a fan of kitten heels, I would make an exception for this pair.  It’s a perfect combo of classy meets rock n roll.  I love the studs and the pointy toe.  I’d pair these with destroyed jeans and a tank for a casual look or rev up a work outfit and wear them with slacks.


Chains of Time


This feaux tortoiseshell watch is a great match for these wild heels.  The sophistication of the watch balances out the daring and edgy heel.


Office Space – 



This pointed-toe pump can be worn casually with jeans or dressed up for a work outfit.  I love the snake skin print is done with subtley and not too over-the-top.  I especially love the strap across the top of the foot, very cute!




The Wisner bag is gorgeous and goes well with the Zabel pumps.  The cream color that pops from the snak skin print will pop even more when paired with this shoulder bag.


Opposites Attract – 



This gladiator wedge sandal screams “summer date night”!  They are definitely a statement pair of sandals so I’d keep the rest of the outfit and accessories simple and chic so the focus can be on these beauties.


Love Connection


This bracelet is classic.  It would be a nice contrast to the gladiator sandal.  Finish this outfit with a solid maxi dress and you’re ready to go!


Playtime – 



These peep-toe slingbacks are killer.  This is a great way to wear a white heel-might as well be bold about it!  I would pair these unique slingbacks with a maxi skirt or dress for a night out with my girls.


Come and Sea 


Because I am a lover of the sea, I was immediately drawn to this necklace.  I would definitely pair this with these slingbacks and a maxi skirt and simple white tank.  It gives the whole look a  beachy, airy vibe.


Queen of Pop –



I thought the Kayla’s above were bold, but these pumps take that to another level.  The color is bold, the structure is sleek, and the stone accent is a great way to make these stand out even more.  Again, since these will be the focal point of your ensemble, be sure to make sure your toes are in tip top shape 🙂


Braid the Way


This chainlink bracelet would go perfectly with these bold pumps.  The gold in the bracelet would no doubt bring out the gold in the accent piece of the pump.

Thanks to ShoeDazzle for sponsoring this week’s Blonde vs. Brunette Challenge!

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Blonde vs. Brunette – Date Night Under $50 Challenge

This weeks Blonde vs. Brunette challenge will involve a budget; something we both know very well.  We scoured the internet to find a complete look for date night that was under $50.

Kristin – THE BLONDE


Racer Back Maxi in Khaki –  $15.27 at ASOS

My fiancé and me are definitely laid back relax kind of people and our date nights are no different.  So, I would keep it really comfortable, simple, and casual on a standard date night.  That’s why this tank, maxi dress in khaki is perfect.  I think ASOS is the best place to shop for well made, interesting, inexpensive dresses.  What’s best about ASOS is they show you a video with a model wearing all their shoes and clothes.  This gives you the ability to see how it would actually hang or fit.


Cork wedge platform sandal in bubblegum pink – $29.99 at Target

I love a good wedge.  They are easy to wear for a long period of time and they would be a perfect shoe for this summer dress.  I usually check out a few websites for reasonably priced shoes: DSW, Target, and ASOS.  I found these on Target’s website.  I love the vintage feel of the wedge and I think the pink would be fun and unexpected.  You could also go with the same shoe in the black wedge.


Arrow Head Necklace – $3.80 at Forever 21

I love gold with khakis and browns; so, I would definitely choose gold.  I checked out Forever 21’s website first since they have such a wide selection as an inexpensive price.  And, I went with something casual and simple to keep the look cohesive.  This long necklace with the deco arrow head design would be perfect.

7701_900px_a_100011 (2)

Nostalgic Lipstick – $1.00 at ELF

(Color is actually a little more nude than picture sample)

I would go loose waves with this look.  And I would pair a nude lip and heavy eyes with this look.  When you think you’ve got enough mascara on, let your lashes dry, curl them again, and put more mascara on!!

TOTAL: $15.27 + $29.99 + $3.80 + $1.00 = $50.06

So, I went over by 6 cents… who cares.


photo 2

Sparkle & Fade Knit Surplice Romper $29.99 –

I just realized how big a fan of rompers I am.  I don’t think this is particularly a look guys love, but I think they’re too cute so I always bank on my sexy confidence outweighing the man repelling abilities of a romper.  I love black, so I chose this sleek black v-neck romper.  Perfect for a casual yet extra-somethin’ kind of date night.

photo 1

Qupid Gipsy-01 Strappy Ankle Cuff Open Toe Wedge $22.30 –

This wedges are killing me right now I just might order them. is a great website for a last minute, inexpensive purchase.  They have a lot of trendy shoe styles for low prices.  I am not a fan of the thick soled wedge; the thin sole under the ball of your feet gives a womanly feel to me.  As much as I love the Spice Girls and their platforms, I just cannot bring myself to bring back the platform wedge.

Ok so this cute little outfit is a few bucks over $50 limit; skip that iced coffee from Starbucks this week and put it toward your “Under $50 Date Night Outfit”!

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Blonde vs. Brunette – Brunch

Blonde vs. Brunette

Every Friday, we are going to do a fashion challenge.  In these challenges, we will go to an affordable clothing store and pick out outfits.  Each will highlight our personal style and fashion personality.  We will include the store name and prices.  We chose to visit a store instead of using our closet because so many times we have seen outfits and wished we could recreate them only to find out they were purchased years ago.

The first month our challenges will just be to pick out an outfit for a specific event.  This week we are shopping for our weekend brunch with the girls.

Kristin’s Pick  – THE BLONDE


Thin tan sweater – $22.99

Coral tailored shorts – $17.99


Leather strap sandals – $22.99

I love a light sweater with shorts; especially when going out to eat.  You never know if it is going to be hot or cold in a restaurant.  The sandals are strappy and neutral adding uniqueness without overtaking the outfit.  I really like to keep my jewelry simple; so, I would add an oversized watch, some simple studs, and sunglasses (just in case you eat outside).

Alex’s Pick – THE BRUNETTE


Skull Sweater – $22.99

White skinny jeans – $27.99


Sneaker wedges – $34.99

When I think going out to brunch, I think: Bloody Marys, cute outfit, and sunshine.  Brunch allows you to really wear whatever you want.  There’s really no unwritten fashion rules when it comes to brunch.  You can dress it up with a simple maxi dress and wedges, or if you’re like me, go for an edgier, casual look.  To contract the skull sweater, I’d wear a simple top knot, a thin gold watch, and simple studs.  PS. I am loving the monochromatic look right now–it makes even an edgy outfit, look chic.

Blonde vs. Brunette – Spring/Summer Concert Wardrobe

Blonde vs. Brunette

Every Friday, we are going to do a fashion challenge.  In these challenges, we will go to an affordable clothing store and pick out outfits.  Each will highlight our personal style and fashion personality.  We will include the store name and prices.  We chose to visit a store instead of using our closet because so many times we have seen outfits and wished we could recreate them only to find out they were purchased years ago.

The first month our challenges will just be to pick out an outfit for a specific event.  This week we are shopping for our spring/summer concert wardrobe at Target.

Blonde’s Pick



Long sleeve white t-shirt with back cut out- $17.99

Folded jean shorts – $19.99


Black and metal detail gladiator sandals– $19.99 (clearance – price may vary)

I love choosing pieces that are versatile and can easily be incorporated into your existing wardrobe.  Each piece is simple and light, perfect for a summer concert that spills into the breezy night.  I would keep it simple and steer away from jewelry; but, maybe accessorize with a fun fedora and sunglasses.

Brunette’s Pick


V-Neck Tee $9.99

Illusion Maxi Skirt $24.99


Multi color strap sandals – $22.99

I LOVE putting together an outfit for a summer concert.  It’s my chance to put together pieces I don’t normally wear and gives me the opportunity to take some risks.  Pairing a casual lightweight top with a sexy maxi, bright comfortable sandals, and a cross-body bag is my go-to summer concert look.

Any questions, just ask (!  Any comments, type away!

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