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DIY Ikea Shoe Display

What girl doesn’t love shoes?  Well, maybe not all girls do, but this girl does!  I also love displaying my treasures for all to see.  So, I decided to get those shoes out of the closet and put them on exhibit (a shoe museum : D) in one of the guest rooms.  I started looking for old wardrobes and china cabinets on Ebay and Craigslist.  None of the ones I came across were what I had envisioned.  So, I looked on Ikea’s website before making the trek out to Woodbridge and sure enough they had a number of options in an array of price ranges.  The one I chose was the BORGSJÖ (price $135.00).  I wanted black and what do you know it, the cabinet only came in white and brown.   But, have no fear.  I am a wiz with spray paint.  So, I got the white cabinet and headed to Lowe’s for matte black spray paint.  It only took 5 cans (99cents each), an hour, and a few sore, black fingers to transform it from white to black.


I chose to add more than just shoes.  I love the idea of having other accessories and even some colorful books and picture frames.






(Sorry for no “overall” picture. I didn’t have the proper lens to get the entire cabinet in the picture)

Think outside the box!!  Add a pop of color to a guest room by using magenta or lime green.  Make the back piece a contrasting color or cover it in fabric.  If you make the project your own, you will love it even more!