Fall 2013 Trend : Houndstooth

Fall 2013 Trend : Houndstooth

Winter, Spring, Summer, Football Season

When I was in college, we had to give a speech, in my Spanish class, about our favorite season.  Naturally, I chose. what every red-blooded American would have chosen, football season.  Nothing better than game days foods, weather, drinks, and apparel.  It wasn’t until recently that stores have realized girls love football just as much as guys.  So, here are a few different stores that are featuring your favorite team in a more feminine fashion at a reasonable price.

In this style, they also stock, the Chicago Bears, New England Patriots, New York Giants, and Pittsburg Steelers.  Forever 21 is definitely limited in the what teams they feature but the price point is great!  Continue to check back throughout the season as I would bet they will add more to their line.

Indianapolis Colts Bling Tee

         Victoria’s Secret – $36.50

Minnesota Vikings Classic Bootcut Yoga Pant<br/> 

Victoria’s Secret is a little better at stocking the majority of the NFL teams.  They have sweatshirts, cropped shirts, boyfriend sweatpants (my favorite) that feature NFL logos and cheeky quotes.

Touch by Alyssa Milano Washington Redskins Ladies Touch Quick Pass Long Sleeve Thermal T-Shirt - Gold

Touch by Alyssa Milano Philadelphia Eagles Ladies Mix Full Zip Jacket - Midnight Green
Alyssa Milano’s brand not only features pieces for the NFL but it covers NBA, NASCAR, NHL, MLB, etc.  What to avoid, the jeans embroidered on the back pockets with your teams logo.  I am all about representin’ your team, but, there should be limits!
Nike Jacksonville Jaguars Team Dedication Women's NFL Tee Shirt
Finish Line – $9.99 (also available in NY Jets)
Women's Nike St. Louis Rams Talent Scout NFL T-Shirt
Finish Line has most styles in every team and also feature free shipping on the majority of it’s items.  The “talent scout” t-shirt is awesome and appears to have a great, close fit.  Finish Line is the perfect place to get a new pair of shoes to complete the look.  Never pass up the chance to get new shoes!
Whether rooting for your team at the stadium or from the couch, even Sunday football games are a good reason to get all dressed up!  I am counting down to the start of the 2013 season.. HAIL!

Jewel Tones

I love jewel tones and lucky for me (and frankly everyone!) Pantone has picked them as the colors for Fall 2013 fashion.  Emerald to raspberry and royal purple look great on almost all skin tones and work perfectly as any piece of a wardrobe whether it be a dress, pants, or accessories.  I have decided to pick out a few pieces for the upcoming season; but, that’s too easy.  So, I have decided to pick out 5 different pieces for under $150.

Pantone Fall 2013 Fashion Colors

1. Hat

Ebay – $10.00

2. Outerwear

Forever21 – $24.80

3. Pants

Image 1 of ASOS Pants in Straight Leg with Jet Pocket

ASOS – $37.13

4. Blouse

Mossimo® Women's Woven Fashion Top - Assorted Colors Mossimo® Women's Woven Fashion Top - Assorted Colors

Target – $19.99  

5. Dress

Image 1 of ASOS Midi Dress With Ballet Wrap

ASOS – $23.63

These 5 pieces total $115 and some change.  That is less than $25 a piece and each of these will transition well into your existing wardrobe, they will go well with all neutral accessories, and will continue to be fashionable colors well past this fall.

DIY Wedding Hair (EASY, I PROMISE!)

This past weekend I was a “groomswoman” in my cousin’s wedding.  If you’ve been in a wedding before, you will know it can be a multiple night celebration, beginning with the rehearsal and a dinner following. 

Rehearsal Night

The rehearsal took place this past Friday night, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to wear a vibrant, maxi dress I bought (on sale for $20) at a local H&M.  I wanted to do something equally fun with my hair.  That’s when I looked at Refinery29.com for some ideas!  I found this perfect updo hairstyle that requires minimal effort.  The mohawk shape of it goes perfectly with the print of the dress.  My hair is thin, but the length made it look as similar as possible to the photograph.  20130812-141625.jpg

Funky Up-Do

Limited Edition Maxi Dress 


Wedding Day 

As a “groomswoman”, I was only asked to wear black.  I ended up with a classic, black dress with a gorgeous V-cut back.  It was simple and sleek and will definitely be worn again!  I wanted my hair to up to expose the shape of the back, so I was on the hunt for an EASY french twist.  After a grueling 2 minutes of searching on Pinterest, I found a perfect look.  While I was obviously going to stand out on the groom’s side, it was a subtle look that was definitely a hit with the bride and the bridesmaids!


Easy French Twist

Crepe Woven Dress

For both updos I used bobbypins, a teasing comb, and hairspray; I also used elastics for the first updo. THAT’S IT!

TIP: I think the key in doing your own hair for special events is to lean toward the “messier” and softer looks.  I am a big fan of imperfect hair that is whispy and a little unkempt.  It allows for more mistakes unlike the typical, slicked back updos. 

Shark Week 2013

So, unless you are living under a rock, you know that this week is Shark Week.  I think sharks are awesome; however, they are one of the reasons I am irrationally fearful of large masses of water.  Don’t get me wrong, I will go in the ocean.  But, I prefer to take a piggy back ride out or I have to walk directly behind someone to make sure I won’t step on anything.  I have compiled a few things in honor of this momentous time of the year, SHARK WEEK.


Georgetown Cupcakes via Discovery Channel – $39.95

   Shark Cookies

    Etsy – $30.00

Etsy has a number of artisans who will create shark cookies, cupcakes, and other delicious snacks to devour.  Check them out for Shark Week; but, also keep them in mind if you end up  doing a shark themed event (hint hint 28th Birthday) in the future.

Shark Backpack

Look for Less: Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff has recently become a fashion role model for me.  She is right up there with Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie, and Rachel Bilson.  I love that she has a casually cute style during the day, but bumps it up with an edgy, feminine style for a date night and events.  And because my body type is similar to hers, I can get an idea of what shapes and styles would work for me.

Her look below is my ideal date night ensemble.  Hilary’s version is well over $1,000 but it can easily be replicated for a more reasonable price.  See for yourself!



Hilary Duff’s Look

A.L.C Shay Top $260

Flavia d’Orsay Pumps $795

Edgement Stretch-denim Skinny Jeans $239


Cami with Mesh Panel $29.70 – Asos.com

Hilary’s keyhole tank is sexy, without being over the top.  The Asos version gives that sex appeal with the mesh panel and delicate material and the thin straps are perfect for a summer night.


Mod Stripe Skinny Jeans $27.80 – Forever21.com

YOWZA!  These pants are loud, I admit.  But they’re too fun to pass up.  Less than $30 for a pair of statement pants is very reasonable!  Whether they’re flower printed, geometric shapes, or stripes, every girl should own a staple pair of YOWZA pants.


Since I couldn’t decide on just 1 pair for this outfit, I went with a variety of va-va voom pointed-toe options:

1. Copertina Suede Pump $89.98 (Chineselaundry.com) The Copertina Suede Pumps provide a pop of color, just like Hilary’s. 

2. Vice Pump $68.00 (NastyGal.com) The Vice Pumps are my favorite of the 4;  the white cap toe is the selling point for this pair!

3. Paris Jaze Printed Pump $59.95 (DSW.com) The printed pair is perfect for those nights you are feeling extra fantastic; nothing says “I’m here to be noticed” like mixing prints.

4. Ella Pump $68.00 (NastyGal.com) The Ella Pump is a beautiful mint color that screams “60’s Mod”, when paired with black and white. 






Repurpose Your Old Clothes – Baby Blanket

I love babies and it seems like everyone is having them.  We have done a few baby projects in the past.  This one is just as cute but I love that it is super sentimental.  This blanket is about taking some piece of clothing from someone special and creating something for your baby to hold tight to.  I chose a soft, old sweater of mine that had a few holes in it and a pretty, silk shirt that I accidentally melted (Read the tag before ironing).  When I actually have a child, I will be hitting up my Dad and Grandfathers for some old shirts to turn into extra special burp cloths (I will post a DIY for those later) and blankets.


You will need:

  • old shirt (keep in mind they will want to be soft since they are for a baby)
  • scissors
  • sewing machine


Cut out a square/rectangle (about the same size) from both pieces of fabric.  Keep in mind the blanket is for the baby to cuddle so it doesn’t need to be too big.  Mine was about 15 in x 13in.  Next, find the “good side” of both pieces of fabric and put those touching, with the “bad side” facing outward.  So when you sew the blanket, it is inside out.


Sewing along the edge around the entire rectangle leave about 1.5inches unsewn.  Be sure to double stich at the beginning and end!


Next, use that 1.5inch area to turn the blanket the right way.  This will put the good fabrics on the outside.  This is your chance to make sure that you didn’t sew too close to the edge creating a hole where the seam missed.DSC_0307

Now, finish off the blanket by sewing around the rectangle again.  This will close the small unsewn hole and finish off the look.  I sewed about .25in inside the edge of the blanket.



Well that’s it.  You’ve just made something your baby can cherish forever!  Not having a baby, think about making some for a shower gift.  It is one of a kind and everyone will love it!