Fantasy Football – Adult Beverage Edition

Football season is well under way. The pre-season games have begun, facebook statuses are inundated with comments about this player and that team, and my man is preparing for his Fantasy Football leagues. Yes, plural. So whether I’m hosting a Fantasy Football event, having people over for Sunday Night Football, or going to someone else’s get together, it’s an opportunity for me to get crafty. I think in general, guys don’t really care about the presentation of food and drinks, even though I think that’s just as important as how it tastes! So, with that in mind, I suggest keeping your decorations and crafty creations low-key and simplistic.

Today’s Fantasy Football Adult Beverage is perfect for football season. It’s a spiked apple cider, which I have dubbed “Mock Moonshine”; while it’s not the real deal (unfortunately I don’t have gallons of moonshine in my cellar just waiting to be enjoyed), it’s got the flair and look of authentic moonshine. I found a few different recipes online; they all sound delish!

Apple Brandy and Cider

Apple-Pie Spiced Cider

Spiked Apple Cider

The Mocktail wouldn’t be complete without a fancy, football-themed container! It is simple and can be transformed into a theme, EASILY! I chose to buy a few Mason Jars for the event.



Mason Jars ($1.49 each)

Gift Tags ($4.99 pack of 20)

Football Stickers ($2.79 pack of 5)



This DIY is super easy and fun.  It adds a very “put together” presentation of a drink and the appearance.


Winter, Spring, Summer, Football Season

When I was in college, we had to give a speech, in my Spanish class, about our favorite season.  Naturally, I chose. what every red-blooded American would have chosen, football season.  Nothing better than game days foods, weather, drinks, and apparel.  It wasn’t until recently that stores have realized girls love football just as much as guys.  So, here are a few different stores that are featuring your favorite team in a more feminine fashion at a reasonable price.

In this style, they also stock, the Chicago Bears, New England Patriots, New York Giants, and Pittsburg Steelers.  Forever 21 is definitely limited in the what teams they feature but the price point is great!  Continue to check back throughout the season as I would bet they will add more to their line.

Indianapolis Colts Bling Tee

         Victoria’s Secret – $36.50

Minnesota Vikings Classic Bootcut Yoga Pant<br/> 

Victoria’s Secret is a little better at stocking the majority of the NFL teams.  They have sweatshirts, cropped shirts, boyfriend sweatpants (my favorite) that feature NFL logos and cheeky quotes.

Touch by Alyssa Milano Washington Redskins Ladies Touch Quick Pass Long Sleeve Thermal T-Shirt - Gold

Touch by Alyssa Milano Philadelphia Eagles Ladies Mix Full Zip Jacket - Midnight Green
Alyssa Milano’s brand not only features pieces for the NFL but it covers NBA, NASCAR, NHL, MLB, etc.  What to avoid, the jeans embroidered on the back pockets with your teams logo.  I am all about representin’ your team, but, there should be limits!
Nike Jacksonville Jaguars Team Dedication Women's NFL Tee Shirt
Finish Line – $9.99 (also available in NY Jets)
Women's Nike St. Louis Rams Talent Scout NFL T-Shirt
Finish Line has most styles in every team and also feature free shipping on the majority of it’s items.  The “talent scout” t-shirt is awesome and appears to have a great, close fit.  Finish Line is the perfect place to get a new pair of shoes to complete the look.  Never pass up the chance to get new shoes!
Whether rooting for your team at the stadium or from the couch, even Sunday football games are a good reason to get all dressed up!  I am counting down to the start of the 2013 season.. HAIL!