Cupcakes: Oz the Great and Powerful

This past weekend my super artistic boyfriend and I made Oz themed cupcakes for his daughter’s 7th birthday.  Between my crafty skills and his artsy fartsy talents, we made some pretty awesome cupcakes. 

We were inspired by another blogger, She’s Kinda Crafty. Her cupcakes were amazzzzzzing so we did our own little version of them. 

We got all of our craft materials from Michael’s, including all the decorative baking essentials.


The Theodora Cupcake


The Oz Cupcake


The Evanora Cupcake


The Glinda Cupcake


Although the cupcake decorations weren’t exactly like the blog we found, we certainly appreciated the inspiration and we were very excited about the outcome! FIND US ON INSTAGRAM@alex_bubblyonabudget@kristin_bubblyonbudget 



Baseball Themed Birthday Party

For my nephew’s 1st birthday, my sister and I threw a baseball themed birthday party.  There were a few other small children in attendance for the big bash, but this party was mainly for the adults and of course to get a few cute pics of the birthday boy shoving cake in his face.

 Most of the decorations were, with no surprise, DIY.  Just as explained in the Rock N Roll themed Baby Shower post, having a main table as the focal point is very effective and appealing.


The photo above represents the main attraction table. 

  • Banner (Party City)
  •  Cupcake Stand (DIY)
  • Poster Collage (DIY/Walmart)
  • Quote game for the adults
  • Baseball for guests to sign with a message for the little slugger



My sister had a fun idea for the adults.  She typed and printed quotes from different baseball movies and attached onto different patterned cardstock.  She simply taped these quotes on top of framed photos around the kitchen and living area.  She provided a little “quiz” sheet on clipboards; the adults wrote their answers on their quiz.  Later in the party, the answers were revealed and the winner received a little prize. 


The cupcakes were homemade and the toppers were photos of the birthday boy on one side, with his “stats” on the other side. 


On oversized baseball posters on the kitchen wall, we wrote what was being served at the “Concession Stand”.  Basically just a quick menu of the food at the party.


In the entrance of the house, we had a little table setup for the kiddies; there were traditional birthday hats, goodie bags, and little games they could play.


I hope this helped spark some ideas for you.  While this theme is baseball, these ideas can be translated for any type of themed party.




DIY: Rock N Roll Themed Baby Shower

Hosting a baby shower for a friend or loved one can be overwhelming, exhausting, and expensive.  You may have an idea of what you want the decorations to look like, what you want the food to be, how you want it to all turn out.  Sometimes, these great expections get in the way of preparing a simple, yet memorable event.  I think it’s definitely important to have inspiration, be it from Pinterest, an event you’ve been to before, or ideas you can pull from random blogs.

Last year, I was responsible for helping host a baby shower for my sister and her husband.  They are both huge fans of rock music from the 70’s, very laid-back, and I would consider them non-traditional.  It was decided it would be more fun to make the decorations; ALL OF THEM.  Unfortunately I didn’t get any of step-by-step photos of the decorations I made, but they are SO simple, a quick explanation should be sufficient if you want to duplicate.


The theme was “Shake, Rattle, and Roll”!

Photos framed with Ornate, funky frames

Song lyrics put onto DIY canvas art

Treats: Pop Rocks, Rock Candy

DIY Signs


Cupcakes with DIY cupcake toppers

DIY Guitar Cupcake stand

DIY Backdrop

DIY Baby Clothes on Clothespins



I am, by no means, an expert sewer; I’m not even somewhat proficient.  The idea of creating your very own backdrop may seem intimidating, but there are a couple of ways to do it, that don’t require sewing.  By making your own backdrop, you can pick specific fabrics and patterns to go along with your theme.

The center pattern was an Andy Warhol inspired pattern of the members of the Beatles.  The outside panels were red with black polka dots.  I simply hand sewed the backdrop together, but you could also get a fusing material to iron on to the fabric and attach the materials together.

Then, we gathered different styled onesies, socks, knitted hats, etc. My mom knit a pair of green socks and a couple hats and I ironed letters onto a tie dye onesie to complete a backdrop.


Another aspect of the main table was a DIY canvas with song lyrics.  This idea was taken from Pinterest.  On a blank canvas, place your lyrics or phrase of sticker letters onto the canvas.  Spray paint over the letters and let dry.  Finish the canvas with mod podge to give it a finished, glossy look.

The letter “C” represents the last name.  This literally took me 5 minutes!  The wooden letter, purchased from Michael’s, was simply spray painted and place in a safe area to dry.  The candle gives the table a chic rock n roll vibe.  Although a ton of colors were used, they worked perfectly together.


This frame, along with a black one and a lime green one, were purchased from TJ Maxx for less than $10 each.  They are ornate, yet work really well with the whole theme.  Inside the frame is song lyrics from one of the parents-to-be favorite songs.  I simply printed them off a computer and cropped the paper to put inside the frame.  It is a very cool, simple, and different decoration.


These DIY invitations were inspired by a couple different of themes and pictures I found on Pinterest and Etsy.  I used Microsoft Word and printed them onto glossy photo paper.   Then, I cropped them and attached to a piece of cardstock.


My favorite part of the shower was the DIY cupcake stand made by my very talented, very retired, and apparently very bored stepfather.  He literally bought old vinyl records to be the 3 tiers of the stand.  Then, he crafted the guitar using pieces of wood and painting it.  It still blows my mind he created this; always look to family and close friends as creative resources.  He by no means is a cupcake stand builder; but he knows how to use handyman tools so he was a huge help in all of this and blew all of us away!

The cupcake toppers were created again, using Microsoft Word and printed onto glossy photo paper.  They were cut out and attached to cardstock.  The cardstock was attached to lollipop sticks purchased from Michael’s.

Tips for Hosting a DIY Baby Shower

  • Make a list for everything!  I literally bought a journal to write all my brainstorming ideas, things I needed to buy, ideas I thought were lame but wrote down anyway.  It kept everything in one place and was a great resource for me throughout the planning process.
  • Create a budget and stick to it.  Although a baby shower is a monumental event, it shouldn’t put a dent in your wallet.  I recommend creating a table with decorations as the focus, rather than decorating an entire huge area.  It keeps the budget low and reasonable!
  • Print out pictures for inspiration.  Pinterest and Google Images should be your best friend.  Print out pics and put them inside your journal for inspiration!
  • Keep it simple. Take it from me, it is very easy to get caught up in making this event, the grandest, most fabulous, most fantastic baby shower ever.  Get real.  Less is more.  This goes back to having one focus area and keeping the rest of your space very simple!
  • Cater to the needs/wants of the person(s) being honored. I realized right away that what I wanted, wasn’t necessarily what the parents-to-be wanted.  At the end of the day, if they don’t want a cupcake stand made out of records and a guitar, just don’t do it.

DIY Barbie Cake ; For Beginners!

This past weekend was our very own, Kristin’s “Vintage Barbie” themed bridal shower.  It was done BEAUTIFULLY and the decorations were perfect!  I was asked to make the Barbie cake.  Yes, literally a barbie cake.  The kit includes the top half of a barbie that you stick into the center of the finished cake.  I had seen these cakes before but had never made one myself.  The idea of baking and decorating a barbie cake was intimidating and I was definitely nervous about the process! 

Much to my surprise, it was simple and a lot of fun.  The Barbie Cake Kit gives a how-to on decorating the skirt of the cake in different ways.  Fondant was used on all of the cakes, but that was not something I was comfortable using.  That’s why I decided to stick with good ‘ol icing and edible sprinkles. 

You will need:

  •  Barbie Cake Kit
  • Icing spatula
  • Frosting
  • Cupcake icing
  • Edible sprinkles

*All items were purchased from Michael’s Arts and Crafts, except for the frosting and cupcake icing which was purchased at a local grocery store. 


Using a 2-layer box of cake mix, follow the directions in the Barbie Cake Kit to bake the skirt of the cake.  Let cool for about an hour and then it’s time to decorate!

photo 1 

Once the cake has cooled down, place onto a safe and sturdy plate or platform.  I just used the top of a pizza box.  (The white part of the cake is just flour from the pan). 

photo 3

Using your icing spatula, spread the icing evely onto the cake.  I simply turned the cardboard with one hand, while spreading the icing with the other.

photo 4

This is the fun part!  Take your edible sprinkles and carefully sprinkle onto the top/narrow part of the skirt/cake.  I just chose to go with an “ombre” effect.  A lot of sprinkles at the top, fading down into very few sprinkles. 

photo 1-1

For the top of the dress, I subsituted fondant with a tube of pink cupcake icing and a decorative tip. First, I inserted the Barbie into the cake; this makes it easier to decorate.

photo 2-1

I used a tip to create a bustier effect for the top of the dress.  The icing is simple to use and took me a quick 5 minutes to complete. 

photo 4-1

Finally, I added some edible sparkle to the bustier.

photo 3-1

To finish it off and tie the bustier into the skirt of the dress, I added some decoration to the skirt, using the cupcake icing and decorative tip.

photo 5

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