Dress up a sugar cookie

Everyone loves a cookie; but, why not dress it up during the summer with some fresh fruit?  I had some ready to bake sugar cookies in the freezer and some strawberries and yogurt from my breakfasts.


You will need:

  • sugar cookie
  • fresh fruit
  • yogurt


This is sooo simple it would be ridiculous to take photographs of every step.  Bake the cookies according to the package.  Once done, and cooled, put about a tablespoon of yogurt on the top of the cookie.  I used vanilla yogurt but feel free to use any flavor.  I then sprinkled coconut flakes on and topped with strawberries.

Another great flavor I tried was peanut butter and banana.  I added a little bit of peanut butter to the tablespoon of yogurt and mixed well before slathering on top of the cookie.  I then put a few slices of banana on top.  Ahhhhh-maze-ing!





Mimosa Bar

 This past weekend was my family bridal shower.  We showed the Barbie cake and the dessert bar yesterday.  Today, I wanted to show you the mimosa bar and give you some ideas on how to do it for your next party, get together, shower, breakfast for the big day, or some Sunday.


The sign is an easy DIY and can be used for any event or holiday.  All you need is scrapbook or construction paper, ribbon, a marker, scissors, and a hole punch.  Cut out a triangular pennant for each letter and space you need and then write one letter on each.  Then punch two holes at the top of each pennant and thread the ribbon through the holes spelling out whatever you desire (i.e. Mimosa Bar, Bubbly Bar, etc.).


Here are a few tips to achieve the best mimosa bar:

Tip #1:  Recipes not only take it to another level, I think they are necessary.  There will be a lot of guests who aren’t creative or who don’t want to experiment, they just want to know exactly what to do.  This is why the recipes are perfect.  They make the drinks fool proof.  Also, come up with cute names for the drinks (i.e. Blushing Bride, Marry Me, and Mrs. ______ )

Tip #2: Glasses flutes and containers are a definite must!! They may break occasionally (:: cough cough Amanda::), but, they are relatively inexpensive and make the bar look a lot more formal.  The champagne glass were found at Ikea and were less than $5 for 6.  And the fun juice containers were found at Homegoods for $1.99 each.

Tip #3: Make sure you include fresh fruit in the bar.  Take it to another level by adding recipes below each of the fruits giving the guests ideas for how to combine the juices and fruits for different drinks.  Even more fun, add sherbets or sorbets for the guests to add to the champagne; maybe even put a few popsicles in a wine glass for champagne to be poured over.

Tip #4: Pay attention to details.  I am a total detail person and I loved the details like the adorable straws being held in the unique champagne flutes, the Keep Calm and Drink Champagne sign, and the champagne chillin’ in the cute metal bucket.

And last but not least, probably the most important tip. Tip #5:  Be sure to have enough champagne for your guests.  You don’t want to run out!  Lucky for us, we didn’t

Blonde vs. Brunette – Brunch

Blonde vs. Brunette

Every Friday, we are going to do a fashion challenge.  In these challenges, we will go to an affordable clothing store and pick out outfits.  Each will highlight our personal style and fashion personality.  We will include the store name and prices.  We chose to visit a store instead of using our closet because so many times we have seen outfits and wished we could recreate them only to find out they were purchased years ago.

The first month our challenges will just be to pick out an outfit for a specific event.  This week we are shopping for our weekend brunch with the girls.

Kristin’s Pick  – THE BLONDE


Thin tan sweater – $22.99

Coral tailored shorts – $17.99


Leather strap sandals – $22.99

I love a light sweater with shorts; especially when going out to eat.  You never know if it is going to be hot or cold in a restaurant.  The sandals are strappy and neutral adding uniqueness without overtaking the outfit.  I really like to keep my jewelry simple; so, I would add an oversized watch, some simple studs, and sunglasses (just in case you eat outside).

Alex’s Pick – THE BRUNETTE


Skull Sweater – $22.99

White skinny jeans – $27.99


Sneaker wedges – $34.99

When I think going out to brunch, I think: Bloody Marys, cute outfit, and sunshine.  Brunch allows you to really wear whatever you want.  There’s really no unwritten fashion rules when it comes to brunch.  You can dress it up with a simple maxi dress and wedges, or if you’re like me, go for an edgier, casual look.  To contract the skull sweater, I’d wear a simple top knot, a thin gold watch, and simple studs.  PS. I am loving the monochromatic look right now–it makes even an edgy outfit, look chic.