About Us

Bubbly on a Budget is a place for us to express our creative sides and to help others find that creative side that they didn’t even know existed.  We so easily get caught up in the chaos of life that we forget to do the things that make us happy.  If you have any suggestions for projects or questions regarding fashion, DIY, or fun date/girls night ideas, email us at bubblyonabudget@gmail.com.
Meet Alex
I have a slight obsession with mermaids-and by slight, I mean severe.
I over analyze anything and everything; or do I?
I played D-1 softball at RU
I love everything 80s: movies, fashion, music
I am a big supporter of all New England sports teams
My dream job is to be a SNL cast member
My favorite color is black leather
I love feathers, fringe, studs and skulls
I have a passionate and intense personality
I love my crazy/beautiful family
I love Rock n Roll, so put another dime in the jukebox, baby
I have the greatest friends. Ever. In the whole wide world
I want a big family someday
I am super competitive
I love love
I have 5 tattoos… So far
I love good surprises
I get really into dressing up for my favorite holiday: Halloween
I love getting sucked into a good book
I love to design, personalize and create greeting cards
I love spending a day at the beach: food drinks family friends ocean
I am obsessed with my 2 nephews
I love to cook
I could eat pizza. Every. Single. Day
I consider myself a movie buff
I can be very dramatic
Making people laugh is the best compliment ever
I am a Bloody Mary kind of chick
I love making a fool of myself by singing karaoke
I want to be the best version of me
Meet Kristin
Love my fiance
I could live off a diet of cupcakes and chips
Reality tv addict
I hate the smell of coffee more than I hate the taste
not a night owl; not an early bird
Science nerd
I can’t spend less than an hour in Target
Scary movie + take out = date night perfection
Mountaineer est. 2004
Northern Virginia might as well be a seperate state
I love Ol’ Blue Eyes – Frank Sinatra
Jesus is my homeboy
In awe of all things bridal and baby
An old soul with a vintage heart
Ultimate homebody
My motto: why buy it when you can make it?
Thrill seeker / adrenaline junky
Obsessed with photographs and photo shoots
Holidays are the best.  Decorating, baking, cooking, and family time
Smiling is my favorite.
A girl can never have too many pairs of shoes or underwear
I never leave home without mascara
Football fanatic
I workout so I can eat that extra cookie
Still play boardgames
Do you have any coupons?  Of course I do.
Confidence is a girl’s best accessory.
Karoke go to.. Hall and Oats or The Temptations
Life goal is to be called mom
Ps my family and friends are extremely supportive and overall amazing

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