Living Room Decor Inspired by 80’s Jam

I am officially obsessed with Polyvore!  It is an awesome way to get your creative juices flowing when you need a little inspiration for fashion and home decor.  I have friends who feel like they don’t possess that creative edge, but all it takes is a little practice and playing around with different avenues that allow you to think outside the box.  Polyvore is a great way to let your mind play! 


I thought it would be fun to create a functional, appealing, and affordable living area inspired by one of my favorite 80’s songs: “I’ll Melt with You” by Modern English.

Living Room Decor Inspired by Modern English


I love the contrast that black and white provides.  It is so chic and easy to build around a black and white color scheme.  Throw in a few pops of color and you’re good to go.  I think a living room should feel cozy, inviting, and have fun decor.  The art print, skull candle, vase, and pillows are the funky pieces of the living room while the curtains, throw, clock, lamp and furniture, are the functional pieces that piece it all together.


What would your living room look like and which song would be the inspiration?!


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