Stylish Teacher: Part 1

So it’s that time of year for back to school!  My sister is a teacher and couple of my very best friends are teachers as well so I thought it would be fun to show just how stylish teaching can be!

Although I’m not molding the minds of today’s youth, I figured there would be a few requirements for a teacher’s wardrobe:

1. Comfortable

2. Appropriate

3. Simple

4. Stylish (duh)

Stylish Teacher: Part 1
Stitch sweater / Dorothy Perkins v neck top / Wallis lightweight jacket / Izabel London black skirt / Uniqlo pants / Old Navy plus size pants / Wingtip shoes / Call it SPRING black pumps, $20 / Old Navy silver shoes / Tasha hair accessory

All 3 looks encompass all 4 major essentials when it comes to shopping for a teacher’s wardrobe.  Footwear is the most important aspect.  I suggest opting for flats or wedges on most days and since fall is right around the corner, those toes better be covered! 

The first look is definitely more of a “Casual Friday” look.  Very cozy, very chic, and very comfy.

The middle look is more classic; the midi skirt is perfect for a fall day and the wedges add some height and style without being too fussy and uncomfortable.

The last look is a cool way to wear a colored pair of pants.  The neutral flats and grey blazer keep it low key and not too flashy.

WATCH OUT FOR STYLISH TEACHER PART 2, COMING SOON! And don’t forget to show all your teacher friends!



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