Easy Wall Art

A few years before moving, I spotted this amazing Robert Best Barbie Calendar.  It showcased beautiful, vintage like sketches.  I had seen some of his work before framed and knew it could easily cost over $100 for one of the sketches.  So, I picked this calendar up in hopes of using it for wall art some day.  This same 16 month calendar is re-released every year and you can find it for under $4.00 at Calendars.com.  When I moved into our new house, I searched the internet for inexpensive frames that would hold each sketch and I found packs of three at Target for under $10.






Carefully tear each sketch from the calendar and place in the frames and it is ready to hang.  Hang a bunch of them together to make for a statement piece that costs next to nothing.  Look at calendar.com for other things that interest like…

Winnie the Pooh 2014 Wall Calendar
Winnie the Poo for a nursery or children’s bedroom/playroom
A masculine calendar with beer, pin ups, or sports for a man cave
or a scenic calendar for a bathroom or guest bedroom.

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