A Few Wedding Tips

Weddings are not cheap and staying on budget can be really hard.  Here are a few tips that will help cut down on the little things!

1. Be sure to check out different website that allow you to download different fonts for free like dafont.com.  Download one or two fonts and use them throughout your wedding for save the dates, invites, programs, name cards, etc.  

 2. Bridal pieces accessories are necessary to a complete bridal look; but, they can be pricey.  So, be sure to check out Etsy for amazing handcrafted pieces like the first two belts below.  Or search for rhinestone or pearl appliques or brooches (3rd picture) and created a belt yourself by attaching the applique to a piece of ribbon.  Also, also look to Etsy and online for a veil.  You will find a much better deal.  DO YOUR RESEARCH and read both positive and negative reviews before buying anything!!!


Etsy – BellaBescaBoutique – $45.00

JB132 Crystal Clear Glass Rhinestone Applique Pearl 5.5" (JB132-crp)

3.  For bridal accessories, also check out Charming Charlie, Forever 21, and similar retailers.  These retailers are realizing that jewelry can be expensive and they are offering earrings, belts, brooches, bracelets, etc. at reasonable prices.  For accessories, try to avoid buying them at bridal gown boutique and shops, they hike up the prices significantly.
5.  When shopping for a dress, whether it is for the bride or bridesmaid, be sure to go home and do your research.  For my wedding, I found a bridesmaids dress I really liked, but, it was just too much for me too ask my sisters and best friends to spend, I came home and did a little research and found the same dress (not a replica) shipped directly from the designer for $60 cheaper.
I have told you where you can save a little money and now I will tell you where not to trim the fat: the photographer.  I know photography is expensive and I am lucky that my mother is a photographer.  However, I also realize that the pictures, along with the memories, will be all I have at the end of the day.  I am not saying spend the whole budget on pictures; but, make sure you have someone who knows what they are doing and who has done it before.
schonholtz-416 (2)

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