Shark Week 2013

So, unless you are living under a rock, you know that this week is Shark Week.  I think sharks are awesome; however, they are one of the reasons I am irrationally fearful of large masses of water.  Don’t get me wrong, I will go in the ocean.  But, I prefer to take a piggy back ride out or I have to walk directly behind someone to make sure I won’t step on anything.  I have compiled a few things in honor of this momentous time of the year, SHARK WEEK.


Georgetown Cupcakes via Discovery Channel – $39.95

   Shark Cookies

    Etsy – $30.00

Etsy has a number of artisans who will create shark cookies, cupcakes, and other delicious snacks to devour.  Check them out for Shark Week; but, also keep them in mind if you end up  doing a shark themed event (hint hint 28th Birthday) in the future.

Shark Backpack

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