Fashionable Fitness – Part 2

So, every year we resolve to work out more and eat better and this year was no different.  My current workout routine consists of going to the gym and hitting up a cycle class, some yoga, and a few days of my own “routines.”  If you buy clothes for an occasion, you get excited, correct?  So, if you buy workout clothes, you will be excited to wear them.  And once I have the clothes on I feel obligated to work out.  Ridiculous, I know, but hey… it works for me.

Well, the Brunette gave you a number of fun and functional sports bras.  I thought I would go on the hunt for some fashionable bottoms to make you feel amazing as you work on your fitness.

   1. Champion Compression Capris
C9 by Champion® Women's Capri Compression Tight - Assorted Colors
2. Champion Running Shorts
C9 by Champion® Women's Running Shorts - Assorted Colors
3. Space Tie Dye Workout Capri
4. Floral Cropped Active Capris

5.  Colorblock Active Leggings


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