National Friendship Day

Today is National Friendship Day!  Between summer vacations, hectic work schedules, and other extra activities that consume your time, it can be harder to get together with your girlfriends for quality time.  I say, extend this day throughout the weekend!  I’ve compiled a short list of ideas to celebrate just how much you love the friends in your life.



If you’re low key, but looking for something to do that isn’t your regular “let’s go out for dinner somewhere”, I suggest doing a little online research for a local restaurant known for their brunch.  Mimosas, bloody marys, buffets, and my best girls are my idea of a well-deserved good time.


Happy Hour

Meet up with your buddies after work for some cocktails and appetizers.  And if that happens to extend into some unexpected late night bar hopping, well so be it. OR Check out the Broke Girl’s Guide to an at-home Happy Hour!

Slumber Party

I don’t care how old I am, I won’t back down to a girls night at home filled with food, drinks, movies, relaxation.  Have each girl bring a movie of their choice, old or new, and have a drawing to decide which movie to watch.



Wig Out

I’ve never done this, so I need a good excuse for it.  Round up a group of your ladies and head out for a night of dancing and music.  Oh, and wear a wig of your choice.  That’s pretty much it.  Something about walking around with a big group all wearing wigs sounds super silly and super fun.  Don’t forget to take lots of pictures.


Whether you’re able to get together today or over the weekend, enjoy the time with your girls and do something memorable!






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