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Stylish Teacher: Part 1

So it’s that time of year for back to school!  My sister is a teacher and couple of my very best friends are teachers as well so I thought it would be fun to show just how stylish teaching can be!

Although I’m not molding the minds of today’s youth, I figured there would be a few requirements for a teacher’s wardrobe:

1. Comfortable

2. Appropriate

3. Simple

4. Stylish (duh)

Stylish Teacher: Part 1
Stitch sweater / Dorothy Perkins v neck top / Wallis lightweight jacket / Izabel London black skirt / Uniqlo pants / Old Navy plus size pants / Wingtip shoes / Call it SPRING black pumps, $20 / Old Navy silver shoes / Tasha hair accessory

All 3 looks encompass all 4 major essentials when it comes to shopping for a teacher’s wardrobe.  Footwear is the most important aspect.  I suggest opting for flats or wedges on most days and since fall is right around the corner, those toes better be covered! 

The first look is definitely more of a “Casual Friday” look.  Very cozy, very chic, and very comfy.

The middle look is more classic; the midi skirt is perfect for a fall day and the wedges add some height and style without being too fussy and uncomfortable.

The last look is a cool way to wear a colored pair of pants.  The neutral flats and grey blazer keep it low key and not too flashy.

WATCH OUT FOR STYLISH TEACHER PART 2, COMING SOON! And don’t forget to show all your teacher friends!


Mid-Week Pick Me Up

So it’s hump day and you need a pick me up..?  Try this low calorie bubbly drink.  Pour some Deer Park® Brand Sparkling Natural Spring Water into a wine glass and add any flavored all natural fruit popsicle and some fresh fruit and voila.. you have a fun mid-week drink.  Add flavored vodka for a fun, end of summer weekend drink.




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Fall Trend: White on Top, Black on Bottom

Fall is right around the corner so just about every style magazine has begun jumping on the FALL 2013 Trends.  One of my favorite trends is the black and white combo: White on Top, Black on Bottom.  It can dressed up or dressed down.  Black and White NEVER go out of style so any buys you make will be long-lasting!

Look #1 : Va-Va Voom

This is daring look, perfect for a weekend party.  Pair it with a cropped leather jacket and you’re good to go!

Look #2 : Office Space

Loving the softness of the lace paired with these wide leg trousers and the pop of red is perfect.

Look #3 : Wintery Weekend

I would love this look for a chilly weekend running errands or grabbing lunch with friends.

Look #4 : Lovely in Loungewear

If I’m lounging around the house this would definitely be my cozy, go-to look.  If I needed to run an errand real quick, I’d throw on these cute sneaks.

Fall Trend: White on Top, Black on Bottom






Designer Fashion

We at Bubbly on a Budget love fashion that is inexpensive; but, as we get older, we want the items to also stand the test of time.  We want both quality and quantity.  We are clearly not the only ones and that is why different stores are linking up with high end designers to offer items at a more affordable price.  Target promotes their partnerships and usually has the collection for a few months or until its sells out.  But, there are other stores that continue to stock the collaboration and here are a few.

Kohl’s and Derek Lam

Derek Lam for Kohl’s – $54.00 (the shirt is on clearance for less than $10)

These pants are a must for the fall and great for almost every season.  The pleating is not flattering on all figures; so, be sure to try them on in the store or when they first arrive.  Kohl’s has one of the best return policies; so, don’t be afraid to shop online.  Also, be sure to check for a coupon code before ordering.  They always have great deals!  Be sure to check out their clearance section online.  You can find great finds there are as well.  Like the dress below.  They also have a skirt, tank dress, and tank top available, on clearance, in a similar print.

Vera Wang for Kohl’s
Vera Wang has a vast collection at Kohl’s ranging from clothes and sleepwear to cosmetics and shoes.  The cutout sweater and tassel smoking loafers are perfect for the fall and winter.  They would incorporate well into a work wardrobe as well as everyday. Check out a few of the Simply Vera pieces that are currently on clearance.  There were also a few pairs of great jeans for less than $25.00.
Christian Siriano for Payless

Women's Arabella Shootie

Christian Siriano – $56.99

Women's Bell Crossbody

Christian Siriano – $26.99

These wedges and bag are amazing.  I loved Christian Siriano on Project Runway and I love his collection at Payless.  I know what you’re thinking, Payless?  But, don’t count them out just yet.  The current collection has some great booties, heels, and bags for the upcoming season!

Lastly is Phillip Lim for Target.  The collection is currently preview only but is set to launch on September 15, 2013.  It is has very tailored sportswear and accessories and is described as being, “sophisticated yet effortless.”  The collection is rumored to range between $20 and $50 and is being called 3.1 Phillip Lim x Target.  And if it its anything like the past collaborations, everything will fly off the shelves and your best bet will be eBay at 4 times the cost.  If you see anything you like, be sure to be at the store or already on the Target website when it launches.

Making it through the work week…

Today is FRIDAY and we, at Bubbly on a Budget, have made it through another work week.  After all the vacations are over and summer is winding down, it can be harder to get through the weekend.  So, we thought we would let you in on how exactly we make it through a week.  We both have our pick me up activities and here are a few.


1. Online shopping – Online shopping is perfect.  It can be done from the privacy of my home and I can almost always find a good coupon code.  Tip:  ALWAYS search for a coupon code before buying.  And there is nothing better than opening up the mailbox to see a beautiful package waiting.

2. Hitting the gym – I must admit I do not love working out.  But, I have never finished a yoga or cycling class thinking, “Boy, I wish I hadn’t done that.”  The gym allows me to de-stress and burn a few calories in the process.

3. Time with my fiancé – We love to watch scary movies and this is the perfect little escape during the work week.

4. Grocery shopping – I know this doesn’t sound like a pick me up, but, I really enjoy the quietness to grocery shopping.  And I recently have started couponing, and the thrill of money saved really does help me get through the week.  This week I spent $62 and saved $66 and I actually scored Deer Park® Brand Sparkling Natural Spring Water, in the lemon and lime flavors, as part of my haul.

5. Reality TV – There is nothing better than hitting up “On Demand,” to catch up on all the shows I have missed.  I skip the gym one day, get some healthy snacks lined up, and watch the majority of the shows.


1. Cooking – This is quite easily one of my favorite things to do after work.  It’s like a mini DIY project.  You have your supplies and you have an end product in mind.  I love the process of preparing, cooking, and enjoying my food.  It also helps to have a glass of wine while it’s in process 😉

2. Adult Rec League – I play on a co-ed slow pitch softball team every Monday night in the Summer, Spring and Fall.  It’s a great group of people and I think a majority of us see it as a stress reliever.  I always look forward to those couple of hours of exercise and make sure I’m constantly hustling because frankly, sometimes it just feels good to kick your own ass after a day of sitting at work.  And you can’t beat quality time with good people.

3. Movies – I love nothing more than having no responsibilities after work because that allows me to get comfy, sprawl out in bed, and watch a good movie.  Whether it’s Netflix, Redbox, or a movie I’ve seen 100x before, it is so relaxing to just vegg out in bed with a good movie to fall asleep to and there’s nothing in this world that makes me happier than getting plenty of sleep!

4. Family and Friends – Spending time with my family is pretty awesome.  They are hilarious and fun and pick me up when I’m down.  Nothing makes me happier than having my man, my family, and my close friends together just hanging out, it when I feel at peace and the happiest.

5. Healthy Livin’ – Being healthy does amazing things for my body and mind. CRAZY RIGHT?  But really, drinking plenty of water, getting sleep, eating right, and exercise does wonders for my attitude.  I’m not a huge water person, so I supplement that with Deer Park Sparkling Water; the lime flavor is THE BEST and the carbonation is a necessity for me.  Trying to maintain my health goes along with all the other things I love to do throughout the week: cooking my turkey burgers, softball and exercise, and falling asleep to a movie.

What are you pick me ups?  What helps you feeling good?  We suggest a little Bubbly on a Budget with a little bubbly (champagne or Deer Park Sparking water, your choice).

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Fantasy Football – Adult Beverage Edition

Football season is well under way. The pre-season games have begun, facebook statuses are inundated with comments about this player and that team, and my man is preparing for his Fantasy Football leagues. Yes, plural. So whether I’m hosting a Fantasy Football event, having people over for Sunday Night Football, or going to someone else’s get together, it’s an opportunity for me to get crafty. I think in general, guys don’t really care about the presentation of food and drinks, even though I think that’s just as important as how it tastes! So, with that in mind, I suggest keeping your decorations and crafty creations low-key and simplistic.

Today’s Fantasy Football Adult Beverage is perfect for football season. It’s a spiked apple cider, which I have dubbed “Mock Moonshine”; while it’s not the real deal (unfortunately I don’t have gallons of moonshine in my cellar just waiting to be enjoyed), it’s got the flair and look of authentic moonshine. I found a few different recipes online; they all sound delish!

Apple Brandy and Cider

Apple-Pie Spiced Cider

Spiked Apple Cider

The Mocktail wouldn’t be complete without a fancy, football-themed container! It is simple and can be transformed into a theme, EASILY! I chose to buy a few Mason Jars for the event.



Mason Jars ($1.49 each)

Gift Tags ($4.99 pack of 20)

Football Stickers ($2.79 pack of 5)



This DIY is super easy and fun.  It adds a very “put together” presentation of a drink and the appearance.