Blonde vs. Brunette – A Girl Can Dream

Yes, we both are definitely aware we are on a budget.  But, sometimes its nice to daydream about what we would do with new found money.  We’d probably pay off bills but in this dream we are spending it all on whatever!!


The following “purchases” are definitely items I would love to own.  The designers are also my favorites.  They all are clean, classic, and feminine with a trendy twist at times.   Those are all words that I feel define my style.

Michael Kors – $358.00

This tote is perfect for any season and so is the color.  I love the details and gold accents.  The handles and strap make it easy to use whenever and wherever.  The price is reasonable considering the quality and designer.  This bag will not only stand the test of time in your personal life but will also be a classic for years to come!


 I told you when we first started I was really into menswear.  Well these are a feminine twist on a masculine style.  They are a perfect flat for work or play!
I wish I could wear jumpsuits more.  This one is beautiful!! I love the clean lines with the simple v.  The black is perfect and can be dressed up with a pump and gold jewelry or down with a cute strappy sandal.
Chanel can do no wrong and these glasses are proof.  They have taken the standard even vintage feeling pair of sunglasses and updated it with the gold frame outlining the top.  Perfect buy for summer.
DVF understands women and what looks good on them.  This dress has vibrant colors and functional pockets that seem invisible unless you are utilizing them.  I love this dress and the personality it has!
This gorgeous bag is the holy grail of backpacks.  It is mature, womanly, edgy, chic, simple, sporty, and I could go on and on and on.  It is exactly the type of bag I would sport while on vacation, running errands, or use as an “overnight” bag.
This Michael Kors pump is a timeless heel that I would wear the hell out of.  That heel wouldn’t stand a chance; it would be gone in a week.  The snakeskin is to die for and I love the metal detail on the toe.
These sunnies are so dope and distinct, I’m not even sure I could pull them off.  But, I’d try anyway.  I am really feeling the round frame right now that give off a 60’s and 70’s vibe.
<Insert jaw drop here>.  Where would someone like myself wear this, you may ask?  In my room, in front of my mirror.  I think every chick deserves a drop dead sexy gown to play in whenever her heart desires.
This jacket was made for me!  It is the perfect mix of leather meets casual.  My favorite detail on this relaxed leather jacket is the hood.  YES, A LEATHER HOOD.  It would definitely be my go-to staple item for the chilly, fall months.

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