Blonde vs. Brunette – Decorating Your Bedroom Edition

Buying and renting is not cheap and on top of that, you need to buy furniture.  We both love to search online and in store for new things.  And we always recommend looking at second hand stores for things you can “upcycle” with a little paint or knobs.  We both picked a few pieces that are perfect for your bedroom.

THE BLONDE – Boudoir Inspired Bedroom

When I decorate a room, I choose three colors I want to use in the room.  These three colors can be different shades and tints of the same colors.  I have completed some of my rooms by picking the colors first and some others by finding an item I love and picking the colors based off what would look best with that piece.  For this room, I chose a piece first, the headboard.


Eggplant Velvet Headboard – Overstock $210.99

I love headboards and this one is reasonably priced considering the velvet upholstery and nailhead accent.  This would definitely be a conversation piece and you will get a lot of compliments.


Chandelier – Overstock $99.99

I also love a good chandelier.  This one is a great piece and would be fun to hang in the bedroom!


Armless accent chair – Overstock $141.99

This chair is where I would get the rest of the color scheme from.  I like the lilac and grey print and this would also allow you to bring in accents of dusty lilac since it is a mixture of the two colors.


DIY Accent Pillows – $5-10

This is the color I would use to make accent pillows since they can be really expensive.  If you go to Joann’s and get fabric and filling it should cost about $5-$10 per pillow depending on quality of the supplies.  I would also add more of the eggplant color from the headboard with the pillows and curtains (also a potential DIY).


Vintage inspired picture frame – Etsy $10.00

This is a beautiful frame and a great accent piece.  You can put pictures or fun quotes.  When decorating a room I like things to look even, so, I would get two and put them on the dresser or on both nightstands (one on each side of the bed).


Just for you flowers and beautiful vase – $15.00

The last accent I recommend is flowers.  They don’t have to be fresh but buying flowers for yourself (or getting flowers) is a must!  Just hit up the local grocery store for a $10 pick me up.  Be sure to display them in a beautiful silver vase (check ou second hand stores and HomeGoods) somewhere you will see them all time like your bedroom or bathroom.


THE BRUNETTE – “His and Hers” Romance Inspired Bedroom

 If you’re sharing a bedroom with your significant other, it should be a place of comfort and for both.  This room would meet the desires of both me and my honey.  While I can easily confess that I’m wildly romantic, I also appreciate masculinity.  Like with fashion, contrast and unexpectness when decorating a bedroom is just as fantastic!  This room combines deep, unexpectedly, passionate colors (rich navy blue, bold black, sophisticated silver, bright white), with neutral, functional pieces.


Endless Love Art Print – $44.99

I’ve recently become a huge fan of abstract art.  While this is not over the top abstract, it’s modern and romantic; perfect to set the mood for this bedroom!  Add a nice frame and it becomes the focal point of the entire room!


Love Me Pillowcase – $39.99

I adore the funky artistic vibe of this pillowcase.  The pop of red is a beautiful contrast to the rest of blue/black/white colored bedroom.


Cathedral Lantern $10 and Black Metal Lanterns $15-$30 –

Again, by adding a pop of red into the atmosphere, it brings out the bold red in the abstract art and the pillowcase.  The lanterns add another romantic element by adding the candle scents and soft lighting.


Bookcase $89.00 –

By adding this bookcase, this room doesn’t become a ridiculously annoying and disgusting, romantic room.  While I love the passionately romantic atmosphere, this bookcase allows for framed photos, books, a television and dvd player, etc.  I am all about lounging in bed on a weekend watching movie after movie.


Nightstand $29.99 –

These nightstands are simple and don’t take away from the other elements of the room.  I love the glass top and the functional shelf attached underneath.


Color Palette

This is exactly the color palette I imagined.  The colors are rich, yet soft and a great collaboration of feminine meets masculine.





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