Repurpose Your Old Clothes – Baby Blanket

I love babies and it seems like everyone is having them.  We have done a few baby projects in the past.  This one is just as cute but I love that it is super sentimental.  This blanket is about taking some piece of clothing from someone special and creating something for your baby to hold tight to.  I chose a soft, old sweater of mine that had a few holes in it and a pretty, silk shirt that I accidentally melted (Read the tag before ironing).  When I actually have a child, I will be hitting up my Dad and Grandfathers for some old shirts to turn into extra special burp cloths (I will post a DIY for those later) and blankets.


You will need:

  • old shirt (keep in mind they will want to be soft since they are for a baby)
  • scissors
  • sewing machine


Cut out a square/rectangle (about the same size) from both pieces of fabric.  Keep in mind the blanket is for the baby to cuddle so it doesn’t need to be too big.  Mine was about 15 in x 13in.  Next, find the “good side” of both pieces of fabric and put those touching, with the “bad side” facing outward.  So when you sew the blanket, it is inside out.


Sewing along the edge around the entire rectangle leave about 1.5inches unsewn.  Be sure to double stich at the beginning and end!


Next, use that 1.5inch area to turn the blanket the right way.  This will put the good fabrics on the outside.  This is your chance to make sure that you didn’t sew too close to the edge creating a hole where the seam missed.DSC_0307

Now, finish off the blanket by sewing around the rectangle again.  This will close the small unsewn hole and finish off the look.  I sewed about .25in inside the edge of the blanket.



Well that’s it.  You’ve just made something your baby can cherish forever!  Not having a baby, think about making some for a shower gift.  It is one of a kind and everyone will love it!





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