5 Home Decor Items, FOR LESS!

While I love the fun in DIY projects, it’s just as rewarding to find decorations or items for your home, for less!  Companies like Pottery Barn and websites like Urbanoutfitters.com offer a wide range of home decor.  From funky tapestries, to chic lighting, there is a ton of inspiration you can find on the internet or simply by walking through a Pier 1 Imports or Ikea.  However, there’s nothing worse than seeing a MUST HAVE item that is way over your budget.  I suggest doing a little internet research and taking the time to shop for the best value.

Here’s a list of some items that are sure to spice up your space AND won’t cause a dent in your wonderfully frugal pockets!

#1 – The Dress Form

The Inspiration


Urbanoutfitters.com – Linen Dress Form $325.00

The Steal


Amazon.com – Female Dress Form $40-$49.00 (depending on size)

Our very own BLONDE, Kristin, uses her dress form for projects and photo shoots.  It is a unique way to decorate a guestroom; but it also serves a purpose.  Use it to play with different outfit ideas or for your DIY projects.  This piece definitely puts the “fun” in “functional” (Super corny, but I had to say it).


#2 – The Floor Lamp

The Inspiration


Potterybarn.com – Piedmont Floor Lamp Base $189.00

The Steal


Target.com – Floor Shelf Lamp $29.99

While the Pottery Barn version of the floor lamp is attractive, I prefer the Target version, for more than just it’s price!  Not only could you place this lamp as a focal point in a small living room, it can also be used as a funky nightstand.  I love that the Target lamp has small shelves, perfect for your alarm clock, cell phone, book, or framed photo.


#3 – The Wall Decor

The Inspiration


Anthropologie.com – Oversized Zinc Letters $98.00

The Steal


Urbanoutfitters.com – Acid Etched Letter $12.00

 There is something very modern and chic about turning a plain wall with framed photos into a work of art.  The way to do this is by adding unexpected pieces of wall art.  These letters can create words or initials and would definitely add some spunk to an otherwise drab wall.


#4 – The Outdoor Hanging Chair

The Inspiration


Pier1.com – Swingasan $299.95

The Steal


Amazon.com – Hammaka Cradle Chair $68.98

 This outdoor hanging chair on Amazon looks way too comfortable.  I can picture myself with a good book and a hot coffee on a fall evening or with the radio on and a bloody mary on a warm winter night.  The Amazon version, although not as artsy fartsy as the peacock themed Pier 1 chair, is just as functional  and attractive as the Pier 1 version.  Definitely adding this to my list of “BUY THIS NOW”.


#5 – The Patterned Rug

The Inspiration


Potterybarn.com – Hayden Zig Zag Rug $179.00 (3×5)

The Steal


Urbanoutfitters.com – ZigZag Rug $44.00 (3×5)

 Any type of patterned rug can transform a cold, boring guestroom, into a warm and inviting space for your visitor.  The chevron pattern on these particular rugs are playful, yet sophisticated.  Definitely check out the Urban Outfitters version, it comes in several beautiful colors!





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