Summer 2013 Swimsuits Revisted

So, the brunette already did her take on the bathing suits of the season.  But, not only do we both have different styles, we also have very different body types and therefore look for different things in a bathing suit.  I look for something that has good support at the top and gives a great overall shape.  For my body type, this means, no string bikinis, no side ties, no ruffles, and must be able to buy as separates (get different sizes for top and bottom).  Here are a few of my tops picks that will work for this summer and many to come.

Swimsuit #1 – The Wild Card


ASOS – $50

This pick is more trendy swimsuit.  It has a fun black/white tie dyed print with a splash of color in the neon pink piping.  I chose this because of the double string tie around the neck and the underwire.  This will provide great support while still allowing you to stay on trend.  Side Note: The top comes in cup size D-F!!! That is almost unheard of.

Swimsuit #2 – Sporty and Sexy

image1xl (5)

ASOS – $50

This bright purple is a beautiful color and the black straps are a great contrast.  Once again, this suit has great support up top and a simple bottom.  And with the cup design on top, if you want to pull the straps down, it won’t fall off.

Swimsuit #3 – A little bit of heavy metal


ASOS – around $40

The color of the suit, added rhinestone skull, and price equal perfection.  I have told you all that I am not very edgy, but this suit I can do.  This suit has a perfectly shaped top with great support for those who are top heavy.  And once again, a simple bottom.  I chose simple bottoms for two reasons: one, you can mix and match easier, and two, the don’t bunch out when you wear a cute coverup.  Nothing worse than weird bumps and lumps when you are trying to wear a cute coverup or shorts. The best thing about suits with embellishments in the center is that whenever you get tired of them, you can easily remove them and just have a simple suit.

Swimsuit #4- The Classic One-Piece

image4xl (2)

ASOS – $47

White looks great on everyone and so does a one piece.  This one piece has boning and a molded cup and will most definitely create a great shape.  I also like the added string halter.  It may not provide too much extra support but it definitely is cute and can easily be taken off to rid you of any foreseeable tan lines.  The only issue I have had with one pieces is that they can be too short for a taller person.  Luckily, ASOS has a great and extremely easy return policy!

Swimsuit #5 – The Old School

image4xl (3)

ASOS – about $50

If you haven’t picked up by now, I love all things vintage and swimsuits are no exception.  One great thing about vintage inspired suits is that they were built for the average, curvy woman.  They take in to account a little extra in the waistline and on top.  The bottoms will create a smooth line and the top may look like it wouldn’t have any support, but, if you get the right size, you will be just fine.  If you don’t like the black, check out ASOS, they have almost every color and a few different patterns in this exact suit.





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