DIY Candle Decor

I love candles and I love burning candles for no other reason than they are pretty.  So, here’s a fun way to display candlestick in something a little different.  This can be used on a mantle or maybe at a wedding for the “in memory” table.  Be sure to keep an eye on the candle if it is above the glass and when the flame is close to the ribbon.


You will need:

  • Glass Vase/Cylinder
  • 5 or more candlesticks
  • Extra candle
  • Hair tie or Rubber Band
  • Ribbon
  • Matches/Lighter


First, gather a bunch of candle sticks.  Use different colors and different complimentary scents!  Gather them with a hair tie or rubber band.  This will hold them all in place.  Tie a ribbon around the candles to cover the hair tie.DSC_0333


Next, take a candle, it will be easiest if you have one separate from the bundle.  Light the candle and turn it sideways over the glass cylinder or vase.  Let the wax drip onto the bottom of the cylinder.  Once you have a little puddle, stick you bundle on top of the liquid wax.  Hold it firmly until it dries.  This will hold the bundle in the center of the cylinder.


After it is dry and firmly in place, light the candles and enjoy!




Cupcakes: Oz the Great and Powerful

This past weekend my super artistic boyfriend and I made Oz themed cupcakes for his daughter’s 7th birthday.  Between my crafty skills and his artsy fartsy talents, we made some pretty awesome cupcakes. 

We were inspired by another blogger, She’s Kinda Crafty. Her cupcakes were amazzzzzzing so we did our own little version of them. 

We got all of our craft materials from Michael’s, including all the decorative baking essentials.


The Theodora Cupcake


The Oz Cupcake


The Evanora Cupcake


The Glinda Cupcake


Although the cupcake decorations weren’t exactly like the blog we found, we certainly appreciated the inspiration and we were very excited about the outcome! FIND US ON INSTAGRAM@alex_bubblyonabudget@kristin_bubblyonbudget 


Girl’s Night – Winery Edition

This weekend was my bachelorette party!! We visited two different wineries in the area.  I wanted to highlight this as a girl’s night/day.  Wineries are a fun place to visit and can be as inexpensive as you’d like.  Plan a day with your girlfriends and have each person bring something like hummus and pita chips, cheese and crackers, pasta salad, etc.  Bring a little money for a glass of wine and you are set.  Want to do more than talk??  Then bring games like corn hole and ladder golf or you could be lucky a pick a winery that will provide those games.  Do research on the winery before visiting; check and see if they have any free tours or events going on this summer!

Blonde vs. Brunette vs. Brunette – Country Concert/Tailgaiting

If you saw Monday’s post, you know that we went to a country concert for the Brunette’s birthday.  We wanted to post a picture from the concert to show what we actually wore.  You can see how different our styles really are.


This is our other best friend and she loves her some country concerts and country boys.   She wore her cowboy boots and her feet were sweatin’ up a storm.  What women won’t do for fashion…? She also rocked her jean cutoffs, America tank with a black bandeau underneath and a fun, long necklace.  This is pretty much the country concert wardrobe.  A good pair of boots, cutoffs, and representing for the good ole’ U S of A.  She is definitely more country than we are and she loves it!  I say Yeeehaw to her outfit.


I wore a rolled up, Bermuda length pair of jean shorts, a oatmeal colored knit racerback tank, and a simple pair of black strappy sandals.  I chose this because I knew it was going to be hot and I wanted to keep it as simple as possible.  I liked the tank and the fact that it was knit because it would keep my relatively cool during the day and hide any unsightly sweat marks.  The sandals allowed my feet to remain cool and the jean shorts…  some may call them mom shorts, but, my philosophy on shorts is that you cannot rock a booty short after 25.  This is just how I feel, I do not speak for all at Bubbly on a Budget.


While I am all for themed outfits and dressing up, I chose to stick to my signature style rather than opting for the signature country concert wardrobe, which would have felt like a costume to me.  I wore a black cutout maxi dress bought from Forever21.  The sandals were super comfortable and had a funky, tribal pattern; snatched these babies up from Target.  My favorite accessory is obvious; my FANNYPACK.  I don’t care what anyone says, this fanny is PERFECT for concerts.  I had all my essentials right with me at all times without the hassle of holding a purse or having to leave my money, ID, or cell phone inside the car.  I was concerned at first about the black dress in such hot weather,  but it ended up being very comfortable and worth it.

As you can see, it’s important to know your style and feel confident in what you’re wearing.  We love that all 3 of these looks are so unique to our personalities and yet we all felt confident and comfortable; and those are the best accessories for any outfit!




Look for Less: Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff has recently become a fashion role model for me.  She is right up there with Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie, and Rachel Bilson.  I love that she has a casually cute style during the day, but bumps it up with an edgy, feminine style for a date night and events.  And because my body type is similar to hers, I can get an idea of what shapes and styles would work for me.

Her look below is my ideal date night ensemble.  Hilary’s version is well over $1,000 but it can easily be replicated for a more reasonable price.  See for yourself!



Hilary Duff’s Look

A.L.C Shay Top $260

Flavia d’Orsay Pumps $795

Edgement Stretch-denim Skinny Jeans $239


Cami with Mesh Panel $29.70 –

Hilary’s keyhole tank is sexy, without being over the top.  The Asos version gives that sex appeal with the mesh panel and delicate material and the thin straps are perfect for a summer night.


Mod Stripe Skinny Jeans $27.80 –

YOWZA!  These pants are loud, I admit.  But they’re too fun to pass up.  Less than $30 for a pair of statement pants is very reasonable!  Whether they’re flower printed, geometric shapes, or stripes, every girl should own a staple pair of YOWZA pants.


Since I couldn’t decide on just 1 pair for this outfit, I went with a variety of va-va voom pointed-toe options:

1. Copertina Suede Pump $89.98 ( The Copertina Suede Pumps provide a pop of color, just like Hilary’s. 

2. Vice Pump $68.00 ( The Vice Pumps are my favorite of the 4;  the white cap toe is the selling point for this pair!

3. Paris Jaze Printed Pump $59.95 ( The printed pair is perfect for those nights you are feeling extra fantastic; nothing says “I’m here to be noticed” like mixing prints.

4. Ella Pump $68.00 ( The Ella Pump is a beautiful mint color that screams “60’s Mod”, when paired with black and white. 






Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue – Rehersal

Tradition states that when you get married you should wear something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.  So, why not use that adage for the wedding rehearsal as well.   Be creative when it comes to choosing your items.   Maybe you pick a pair of vintage inspired underwear as your something old or borrow something from a website designed for that, like Rent the Runway, instead.
Something Old
Something New
Something Borrowed

Golf Themed Birthday Card

My nephew is a sports fanatic.  If you let him, he would play outside all day long, non-stop.  His most recent obsession is golf so I made that the theme for his card on his 7th birthday.

Check out the YouTube clip to see the “making of the card”!

I kept it simple and full of color. 


I used 5 different pieces of cardstock: green grass, blue clouds, bright white (pole), red glitter (flag), and black for the hole. 


On the backside of the green grass cardstock, I simply sketched quick “grassy” looking lines and cut along those lines to give it a realistic grass effect.  I placed the grass over a piece of blue clouds cardstock and then attached that to the actual card.  The rest of the card was very simple.  I cut out out a long rectangle as the pole, a small circle for the hole, and a glittery triangle for the flag.  Finally, I added a fun little #7 to the flag and used my own handwriting for the message.

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