Wine/Champagne: A Gift For Any Occasion

No matter what time of year, something big is going on with someone you know: bachelorette party, engagement, new house, plain old dinner party, etc.  And no one likes to show up empty handed.  And a simple bottle of wine or champagne is great for any occasion.  From previous posts, you can tell that I love a great theme.  So why not show up with a tricked out bottle?  Here a few ideas of how you can pimp out your wine or champagne bottle.

Holiday Party

I know we may be a ways away from Christmas or Thanksgiving; but, it will be here before you know it.  So, I simply cut the sleeve off a sweater that had a hole in it.  This left a tube like shape.  I then sewed straight across the line I had just cut.  And finished it off with a knot at the top.  You could change this to a different holiday by cutting the sleeve off a different shirt, maybe a sleeve from a button front shirt for Father’s day.



Housewarming or dinner party

Can you have to many cute aprons?  Well, I guess you can but another really cute one won’t hurt.  So, I wrapped the bottle in an adorable damask apron and tied it off with ribbon.  After tying the bow, I then added the rubber spatula as an added gift.  This will be a hit at the party and everyone will wonder where you came up with such a great idea.  Don’t want to use an apron because it is too bulky?  Try a holiday hand towel or something that will match their kitchen/bathroom décor.




A lot of people I know are getting engaged and what could be better than for the newly engaged couple that to pop a bottle of champagne?  I found a bride shirt and wrapped that around the bottle and topped off with a inexpensive garter.  A better gift??  Add two fun champagne flutes.  Check out the second hand store they always have a variety for next to nothing.




Bachelorette Party

This needed to be sexy.  So, why not some thigh highs for the bride to keep.  I carefully slide the bottle into one thigh high at a time and ruched it to get a nice dark black.  I then wrapped it with a silky black ribbon and finished it off with pearls.  This is something the bride can enjoy with her new husband!




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2 thoughts on “Wine/Champagne: A Gift For Any Occasion

  1. The bachelorette one is my favorite! So cute! So you just wrap? No cutting or sewing involved..sounds like my kind of craft!

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