DIY Organization Bin

I have been meaning to get a basket or bin for my laundry room since I moved in.  I needed something to keep all small things together.  I’m recently bought the all-in-one tablets and have gotten quite a few free samples of other products and wanted to have them well contained within something.  So, when I finished off my laundry detergent today, I knew that I could use that.


You will need:

  • plastic container with handle (milk, laundry detergent, etc.)
  • knife
  • scissors
  • permanent marker

Before starting, be sure to get any excess detergent out.  You will have another opportunity to thoroughly clean the inside later in the project if you forget.



Use the permanent marker to mark off where you want to cut.  I marked mine off lower in the front (side opposite of the handle) because I am putting smaller things in the bin and want to be able to see everything.  If you plan on putting coloring books or magazine, you may not want to cut it as low.


Use the knife to create a cut.  Make it about an inch or two long.  This is where you will start cutting with the scissors.



Now use the scissors to cut the remainder.


Here is mine in action.

This could also be used to keep under the sink organized or you could keep something to keep the kids occupied (i.e. crayons and a coloring book).


The remaining part, it can be used as a funnel.


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