Second Hand Reinvention – Long Cardigan

I was recently on Pinterest and saw an amazing tie-dyed, long cardigan.  I loved the way it looked with a pair of jeans and thought why not give it a try?  I went to my local Goodwill and checked out the long dress section looking for something with buttons that I could simply unbutton and pair over a simple tank.  There were plenty of dresses with buttons all the way down; but none of them seemed right.  The majority had elastic or cinching at the waist that looked odd when unbuttoned.  I was about to leave when I saw the long robes.  I hit the jackpot.  A long, satin, floral robe.  It was a winner!!  This project will require a sewing machine and beginner skills.


You will need:

  • robe
  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • iron



I didn’t photograph this step, but, you first want to try the robe on.  You want to see wear it needs to be edited.

After trying mine on, I decided I wanted the sleeves shortened and the sides taken in about an inch on each side.  I could have taken in more on the sides and lifted the sleeves up some, but, I wanted to achieve a relaxed, oversized looked.DSC_0127

First cut off all belt loops and other things that may be attached.  They will only get in the way and make the finished product still look like a robe.  Next, to shorten the sleeves, decide how short you would like them.  Cut at a mark that is about one inch longer than the sleeve you want.



Once you have cut the first sleeve, fold the robe in half vertically so that you have matched up both shoulders.  This will help you find the exact line to cut on the other sleeve.  Once lined up, the cut sleeve should lay on top of the other, cut across the other sleeve at this line.


(after first fold that has been ironed)


(after second fold that has been ironed)

Once both sleeves are cut, plug your iron in and turn the robe inside out.  Find the sleeve, and roll about 1/2 of an inch over and iron to create a seam.  Fold over again about 1/2 of an inch and iron down.  This will help you when you go to sew.  Complete these steps with the other sleeve.

DSC_0145 - Copy


(Here is a view of the stitch when the robe is turned the right way)

Head to your sewing machine and do a simple stich around the sleeve.  Make sure you are paying attention and don’t sew the sleeve hole together.  Once the first sleeve is completed, do the same with the other.


(sorry for the yellowish tint; next time, I’ll take the picture with the sewing machine off)

After the sleeves are complete, keep the robe inside out.  To take in the sides, I found the side seam and folded in vertically at the crease.  I lined the inside of the sewing foot up with the crease and used this as a guide.  Stitch all the way down the seam until you have gotten to the end.  Do the exact same with the other side.  You are done!



I thought it gave off a boho vibe, so, I went with it.

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