Muscle Monday Protein Shake

I love a good protein shake after a hard workout; but, this girl is on a budget and cannot buy one every time I hit the gym.  So, I have come up with a few recipes that I really enjoy.  Today, I will show my pineapple protein shake.


You will need:

  • mixer/blender
  • vanilla whey protein (Target)
  • canned pineapple (and juice)
  • ice
  • flax seed (dollar store)
  • greek yogurt


First, put in as much protein as you would like.  Place close attention to the back.  I put in one scoop which was 25g of protein.


I then added more protein by using greek yogurt instead of frozen yogurt.  I only used half of the container.  Greek yogurt has a sour taste and using only half keeps the shake from taking on that flavor. Tip: If you freeze greek yogurt and it helps thicken the shake up.  You can also eat it like frozen greek yogurt and it is a lot cheaper.  If you want to enjoy it like ice cream, pull it out about 30 minutes before consumption so it can thaw a bit.


Next, I add in flax seed; I actually found these at a dollar store a while ago (check expiration date).  I used one spoon full.  The seeds grind up enough so I do not notice then and this is a great place to add in more protein, fiber, iron, and omega 3.


Next, put in about 7-8 ice cubes and about 10 pineapple chunks.  Pour in a little of the pineapple juice from the can to keep the ingredients moving in the blender.  Then, mix!  You may need to shake the mixer just to make sure nothing is getting stuck to the sides or top of the cup.


Done.  I usually just take it and drink it right from the blender cup.  Be creative, substitute the pineapples for peanut butter and banana.  Tip: Drink the shake within 30 minutes of your workout.



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