Father’s Day Gift Ideas From the Heart (Not the Pocket)

Father’s Day is only a few short days away…  With a little bit of research and creativity, I’ve compiled a list of cool ideas for all kinds of dads out there.

The Fun-Loving Goofball Dad

This type of Dad is too much fun.  He is laid-back, has a sense of humor, and loves a good joke.  And who doesn’t love a bacon-scented candle?!

  • Yankee Candle “MMM, Bacon” Man Candle; I realize not everyone is as obsessed with bacon as I am, and I realize I am not a father.  But I just couldn’t resist adding this to the list.  It’s hilarious and weird and if I were a dad, I would definitely want it.
  • Homemade Beef Jerky;  More meat.  I love food and I think it’s safe to say that a lot of men out there like a good hunk of meat.  Why not show dad you really love him by making his very own beef jerky?!
  • Man Crate (splurge) inspired by mancrates.com; why buy this “man crate” online when you can DIY!? This crate can be filled with various items that are Dad’s faves: DVD, tie, favorite candy, pack of cards, alcohol, gift card, magazine, back scratcher, cigars, golf balls, etc .  This can get pricey, but is a fun way to present a gift to him for his special day.

The Active Dad

The Active Dad includes the healthy dad, the sporty dad, the outdoorsy dad, the … you get the picture.  This dude just loves to be doing something; why not add to his collection?!

  • Ballpark blueprints; inspired by uncommongoods.com; this idea is great for a sports fanatic dad.  Google dad’s favorite sports team ballpark blueprint and head to Michael’s Arts and Crafts for a nice frame.
  • Nike dry fit tee;  Nike has a wide variety of gear for me; when all else fails, grab dad a Nike tee that will keep him cool on those hot summer days.
  • Bikepod (splurge);  I wasn’t able to find out which stores sell these Bike pods, so if you think your dad needs to have it, you need to hit up amazon.com and get it overnighted if possible!  It is a cool gadget that mounts onto the front of a bike and holds the iphone so video and pictures can be taken.  Wow, very cool!

The Chef-Boyardee Dad

This Dad loves to grill, cooks better than your other parent, and gets excited over a new kitchen appliance.

  • Dry Rub; there are toooons of delicious dry rubs out there for a Dad who loves to grill.  I feel like finding a good dry rub for a man who loves to cook is like coming across a vintage leather jacket at the thrift store for an 80’s obsessed chick like myself.
  • Cookbook;  This seems kind of boring, but there are some very unique cookbooks that Dad may never think to buy.  Hit up your local bookstore and I promise you won’t be disappointed.
  • Kitchen Appliance (splurge); There are some very fun and useful kitchen gadgets out there.  A lot of them are something you would never think to buy, which makes it a perfect gift for Dad!  Splurge on a stainless steel cutting board, a fondue set, or a pasta making kit.

The Old-Fashioned Dad

The traditional dad is sweet, yet stern, is the “Man of the House” and takes care of everything!

  • Family tree; this could take a little bit of research and some time.  It is especially helpful if you are able to reach out to older relatives.  Once you make a draft of this tree and go back as far as you can, transfer the info onto a word document, print out and frame.
  • DIY Card/wallet sized photo; I love the idea of keeping it simple.  Make a thoughtful card and place inside a picture of you and Dad from years ago.  Sure to produce a lump in his throat.
  • Tool (splurge); Any tools he’s been wanting lately?  Ask his buddies, ask mom, ask girlfriend, ask boyfriend, ask your siblings.  Find out what he has always wanted but never got for himself!

The Techie Dad

This Dad is into crazy gadgets, knows a lot about computers, and could spend a day walking around Best Buy.

  • Phone case; purchase a plain case and personlize it with a family photo or use permanent marker to write out his initials.
  • Panoramic accessory  for iPhone; assuming he is 1 of billions who own an iPhone, get him this very cool accessory that turns your ordinary iPhone camera into a panoramic capable shot.
  • Portable Shaver (splurge); if he ever travels, this will definitely come in handy.  It is super sleek and very convenient!

The Hip Dad

  • Concert tickets;  get some cheaps seats for a cool concert this summer and take Dad and brothers and sisters along with you, why not make it a family affair?
  • Blood Mary Mix;  this is one of my favorites!  Conduct a little online research and make some bloody mary mix.  Put it in a unique glass carafe with a top and present to him with a jar of olives.  Wa-la!
  • Sunglasses (splurge); I think every dad deserves a great pair of shades.  Some friendly advice, keep the receipt just in case!

If you none of these dads match your very own, comment below and we can help you come up with some last minute, budget-friendly ideas for the unique man in your life!



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