Repurpose Old Pickle Jar

  So, when I finished a jar of pickles a while ago I just couldn’t part with the glass jar.  It looked like a mason jar and I knew I could do something with it.  So, I thought why not repurpose the jar and use it for a vase.  I just happened to have some lace laying around and I always have ribbon.  That means this project was FREE.  But, if you don’t have any jars laying around, you can hit up a local hardware store for mason jars or wait for spaghetti night.


You will need:

  • some sort of jar or tin can
  • lace or some fabric
  • a glue gun with glue (I used e6000 but I would recommend the glue gun)
  • scissors
  • ribbon (optional)


First, you will need to clean off the labels.  This can be done by running the areas under water and scrubbing.  And that is a simple first option for a vase.


If you want to add some lace, wrap the piece of lace around the jar and cut it so you have a piece long enough to wrap around.  Then put a strip of glue vertically down the jar where you want the back of the jar to be.  Then hold one side of the lace on the glue for a few seconds and then do another strip of glue in the same spot and glue the other side.  When that has dried, you will want to glue the lace to the bottom of the jar.  This can be done by placing dots of glue and holding the fabric until it is all gathered at the bottom.

DSC_0039 -edit

(Note:  The sides are a little bunchy because I did not actually glue the lace)

Here is the second option, just lace.

DSC_0041 -edit

The last option is lace with a fabric underlay.  With this one you will perform the same steps just with the underlying fabric first and then the lace.  So, here I cut a piece of white fabric long enough to wrap around the jar.


Next, I put a strip of glue to hold the fabric on the jar.  Do this with each side of the fabric so it fully covers the jar.


Then, put strips of glue on the bottom of jar and press the fabric into the glue for a few seconds to create a good hold.  It should look like this when you are done with these steps.  Complete the same steps with the lace.  Once you have finished gluing the lace to the jar, you are finished.


And you are done.  I did tie some ribbon around the jar to add some color.  Be creative!  You can glue buttons or rhinestones on the lace or maybe wrap a string of pearls around instead of a ribbon.



You can also add a candle instead of flowers.  Safety Tip: If you add a candle, make sure there is not any lace or glue inside of the jar because either will melt from the heat of the candle.

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