Fiesta Dress

This past weekend I had my bridal shower and it was fiesta themed.  I had known for a while it would be a Mexican fiesta; so, (me loving a good theme) I scoured eBay for a Mexican wedding dress and I found one.  After winning the bidding war, the dress arrived and I tried it on.  It was way too much dress.  But,  I knew I could edit/alter the dress to look more modern and more me.  This post is not necessarily a DIY, but, it is a reminder to make you think outside of the box when looking at things second hand.




You will need:

  • dress
  • scissors
  • seam ripper
  • sewing machine
  • pins

First thing I did was try the dress on.  I wanted to see how it looked.  I decided that the bell sleeves were too much for me and with the high neck, I wanted to show a little more leg.  So, while trying the dress on I folded the bottom of the dress where I wanted to cut it and pinned it so I would remember where to cut.  The fold was about and 1 inch longer than the length I want the dress to be.


Next, I took a seam ripper (you could use scissors) and I removed the sleeves at the seam on both sides.


I then turned the dress inside out and folded about 1/4-1/2 inch of fabric and pinned it.  After pinning both sides, I ran these parts of the sleeve through the sewing machine.  Now, I have a sleeveless dress.


Then, I turned the dress inside out and I cut the bottom of the dress where I had previously pinned it.  To ensure that it was relatively straight at the bottom, I folded the dress in half vertically and cut that way.  You could easily draw a straight line in pencil or pen since you will be finishing the bottom of the dress later.  After cutting the dress, I did the same fold and pin technique that I used on the arm sleeves except I folded the bottom over twice so it would create a better finish.  After folding it twice and pinning, I ran it though the sewing machine and that was it.


This is the final product.  I paired a black skinny belt and bloused the dress over so it created a two-piece effect.  I also kept the sleeves with the beautiful embroidery for a future project.

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