Blonde vs. Brunette – Date Night Under $50 Challenge

This weeks Blonde vs. Brunette challenge will involve a budget; something we both know very well.  We scoured the internet to find a complete look for date night that was under $50.

Kristin – THE BLONDE


Racer Back Maxi in Khaki –  $15.27 at ASOS

My fiancé and me are definitely laid back relax kind of people and our date nights are no different.  So, I would keep it really comfortable, simple, and casual on a standard date night.  That’s why this tank, maxi dress in khaki is perfect.  I think ASOS is the best place to shop for well made, interesting, inexpensive dresses.  What’s best about ASOS is they show you a video with a model wearing all their shoes and clothes.  This gives you the ability to see how it would actually hang or fit.


Cork wedge platform sandal in bubblegum pink – $29.99 at Target

I love a good wedge.  They are easy to wear for a long period of time and they would be a perfect shoe for this summer dress.  I usually check out a few websites for reasonably priced shoes: DSW, Target, and ASOS.  I found these on Target’s website.  I love the vintage feel of the wedge and I think the pink would be fun and unexpected.  You could also go with the same shoe in the black wedge.


Arrow Head Necklace – $3.80 at Forever 21

I love gold with khakis and browns; so, I would definitely choose gold.  I checked out Forever 21’s website first since they have such a wide selection as an inexpensive price.  And, I went with something casual and simple to keep the look cohesive.  This long necklace with the deco arrow head design would be perfect.

7701_900px_a_100011 (2)

Nostalgic Lipstick – $1.00 at ELF

(Color is actually a little more nude than picture sample)

I would go loose waves with this look.  And I would pair a nude lip and heavy eyes with this look.  When you think you’ve got enough mascara on, let your lashes dry, curl them again, and put more mascara on!!

TOTAL: $15.27 + $29.99 + $3.80 + $1.00 = $50.06

So, I went over by 6 cents… who cares.


photo 2

Sparkle & Fade Knit Surplice Romper $29.99 –

I just realized how big a fan of rompers I am.  I don’t think this is particularly a look guys love, but I think they’re too cute so I always bank on my sexy confidence outweighing the man repelling abilities of a romper.  I love black, so I chose this sleek black v-neck romper.  Perfect for a casual yet extra-somethin’ kind of date night.

photo 1

Qupid Gipsy-01 Strappy Ankle Cuff Open Toe Wedge $22.30 –

This wedges are killing me right now I just might order them. is a great website for a last minute, inexpensive purchase.  They have a lot of trendy shoe styles for low prices.  I am not a fan of the thick soled wedge; the thin sole under the ball of your feet gives a womanly feel to me.  As much as I love the Spice Girls and their platforms, I just cannot bring myself to bring back the platform wedge.

Ok so this cute little outfit is a few bucks over $50 limit; skip that iced coffee from Starbucks this week and put it toward your “Under $50 Date Night Outfit”!

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