DIY Bridal Hair Pin

I came across a rhinestone feather jewelry piece at Michael’s, on sale, and had to have it.  But, I don’t wear pretty simple jewelry.  I thought it looked very bridal and decided to turn it into a hair pin.  What I like is that, due to its size, it could be worn for a wedding or as a fun hair accessory.  Keep in mind you can use any piece of jewelry: family heirloom, funky piece from second hand store, piece from a necklace, etc.


You will need:

  • jewelry piece
  • bobby pins (number will depend on size of piece)
  • E6000


This is another simple DIY that will blow people away.  People won’t believe you made it.  There is only one step and it is hard to mess up.  Uncap the E6000 and put a strip of glue, on the back of the jewelry, for each of the bobby pins.  I glued my bobby pins so that they slide down the hair not up.  This will prevent the weight of the piece and gravity from taking effect.


Not the best picture; but, you get the idea.


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