DIY Metallic Belt

I have seen quite a few celebrities rocking the metallic/metal front belt.  I love the edgy, chicness they add to an outfit.  But, for a simple belt, they are not cheap and I can justify spending money on a belt that I will not wear all the time.  To be honest, I can’t justify spending money on belts.  They are like socks, you need them, but, you hate to spend money on them when you could be buying shoes.  So, I thought why not try and make the belt.  First place I went was Michael’s.  That is where I found these mirrored sheets of plastic with adhesive backing for under $3 (well that was with my coupon, NEVER GO TO MICHAEL’s WITOUT ONE).  They are regularly $3.99, which is still a good deal.

DSC_9943-edit DSC_9957-edit

You will need:

  • belt or ribbon
  • mirrored sheet of plastic or sheet of metal
  • super glue or E6000
  • Scissors
  • eye hook closure
  • needle and thread


First, cut off the buckle part of a belt and measure the strap to fit the part of your waist where you planning on wear the belt.  It will obviously be shorter if you plan on wearing it high waist than the natural waist.  I sewed on a hook eye closure; but, you could always sew ribbon on to each side of the strap.  This would allow you to wear the belt at different parts of you waist.


Next, measure off how long you want the “metal piece” to be.  Use a pen to make sure you draw a straight line.  My piece was about 7 inches by 2 inches.  And I chose to round the corners to they weren’t so harsh.  I like the softness of the rounded rectangle.  One you have drawn the shape you want, cut it out with scissors.


Finally, peel off the adhesive backing and use that to assist with final placement before gluing.  I place my “metal piece” close to the hook and eye closure so it would be easy to put on.  If I did this again, I would put the closure in the back and just put the belt on that way and slide it around.  In the back, it won’t be easily visible.  To attach the piece, I used superglue at first and then used E6000 for a better hold.  I recommend using the E6000 to begin with and saving yourself the extra step.





Here is another way to wear the belt.  The picture is from Friday’s Blonde vs. Brunette challenge.

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