Blonde vs. Brunette – 1 Piece, 3 Ways

This week’s Blonde vs. Brunette Challenge takes 1 staple item in each of our closets, and showcases 3 different looks for that item. I heard this piece of fashion advice awhile ago and it has stuck with me since: If you’re on the fence about buying clothes or shoes, think about 3 different ways you can style that item.  If you can’t do it, the item probably isn’t worth the purchase.  I think about that every time I go shopping; it’s a great piece of fashion advice!

Kristin – THE BLONDE

Item: Black Harem Pants


Look #1 – Work Ready

Cardigans are staples in my wardrobe because I never know how cold or warm my office is going to be.  I also love comfy pants because they are something easy to throw on when I am in my morning comatose state.  If I go simple with my clothes, I like to wear an unexpected shoes.


Look #2 – Comfy Chic

This is why I love harem pants!! I think they look fabulous when you dress them up.  They have a androgynous yet sexy feel to them.  I would wear this on a date night or out with the girls.  Come back next week to see how to make the metallic post featured in this picture!


Look #3 – Preppy

This would be something casual to wear in the spring or early fall; maybe a day date in DC.  I love layers because I could easily take off the light weight sweater if I get too hot.  This goes to show that just changing the shoes you wear with harem pants can completely transform their feel.


Item: Cargo jacket


Look #1 – Spunky n Sporty

This is a look I’d wear if I had errands to run on the weekend.  Pair your cargo jacket with a cute tank, jean shorts and some cute sneakers.  I opted for my Nike wedge sneakers that I’m slightly obsessed with.  It’s comfortable and casual without being frumpy and boring.


Look #2 – Pretty in Pink and Cargo

I would have no problem rocking this look on a Saturday night out at a bar or on a casual movie date.  I love the unexpected combination of light pink skinnies with the cargo jacket and grey oversized tee.  The leopard peep-toe wedges add a dash of sexiness to the outfit without being over the top.


Look #3 – Girly with an Edge

This would be a fun outfit to wear to a birthday brunch, lunch, or a date night during summer time.  The heels and crochet summer dress is dressed down into a more casual look with the cargo jacket.  I am really into pairing something edgy like a cargo jacket with feminine pieces like the dress.

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