DIY – Tank Top Quote

Since I’m all about personalization, I decided to make a tank top with the quote “Mermaids Are Real”.  I had about 17 other ideas I was throwing around, so there will definitely be more to come!  This project took me a whopping 10 minutes to make, and cost about $6.


You will need:

  • a shirt
  • iron-on letters $5.99
  • iron/ironing board


Heat your iron on a fairly high setting and prepare your letters.  Because this shirt had horizontal stripes, I didn’t even need to use the ruler to line up the letters.  Simply place your iron-on letters onto your shirt in whatever way you want it.  Once they are lined up, place the iron directly on top of the letters for about 10 seconds and release.  Repeat this several times until you test out the letters and see that they are starting to stick.  DO NOT SLIDE THE IRON ACROSS-THIS WILL CAUSE THE LETTERS TO SHIFT.  I suggest doing one word at a time; it just makes it easier and ensures the letters don’t shift. Once the letters begin to stick, you can start sliding the iron over to ensure they are completely attached.


Turn the top inside out and slide the iron over the area where the letters are for reinforcement.


You’re done!  But, because I’m an OCD-paranoid-freak-of-nature-perfectionist, I tend to go over the letters several more times to make sure those babies are attached for good!  Get creative with  this, make it as personalized as you want.  A quote from a movie, your initials, an inside joke, a phrase, etc.


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