DIY Bling Bling Bridal Shirt

So, on a previous post I made a simple get ready bridal shirt.  It ties in the back and will come in handy on occasions where you need to do hair and makeup before getting into your dress or outfit.  I had mentioned at the end how I planned to add something fun to the front.  Well, I had some left over rhinestones from another project and decided to create a blinged out diamond ring.  I purchased the acrylic paint for under $1.00; so, this project cost me… under a $1.00.


(back completed in a previous post)

DSC_9979 - edit

The rhinestones were glued on with E-6000, purchased at Michael’s.  The band part of the ring was completed with freezer paper.  This was demonstrated in the Disney post I completed a few weeks ago.  If you aren’t sure how to do it, look back at that post.

DSC_9977 - edit


You could also do this blinged out ring on a bag as a gift to the bride or a newly engaged friend!


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