DIY Pinata Inspired Wrapping Paper

I know Cinco de Mayo is over; but, the summer is upon us and so are margaritas and chips and salsa.  I love a good fiesta and what I love even more is embracing a theme!  So, why show up to a fiesta with a DIY piñata inspired gift wrap?

You will need:

  • Multiple colors of tissue paper
  • Box for your gift
  • Tape
  • Scissors


First, wrap the entire box in a solid color tissue paper.  The add strips (about 2-3 inches tall and long enough to wrap around the box) of different colored tissue paper that you have fringed on one end.  Start at the bottom, alternating colors, and continue taping strips on top of the previous until you reach the top.   Tape the top piece with double sided tape so no tape shows.


Add a fun card, maybe a cut out of a lime, a piñata donkey, or a margarita.  And think of something cute to say like, “Holy Guacamole!  It’s your birthday.”  Or, maybe, “For a good time add tequila and lime.”


Also, use this chance to be creative with the colors.  If you show up with this wrapping paper, I guarantee the present will be a hit.


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