Blonde vs. Brunette – Fave Celeb Style

This week’s Blonde vs. Brunette Challenge will focus on our top famous ladies!  While we promote owning your own style and being creative with your fashion, there is nothing wrong with getting a little inspiration from those who know best.

Take a look at what we’ve chosen as some of our favorite celebrity’s Top 5 Looks!

Kristin – THE BLONDE

Celeb: Blake Lively


Look #1

This color is amazing and looks even better with her sunkissed skin.  And honestly what girl doesn’t want to rock leather and leopard pumps once in a while??  Am I right?  You can’t see the earrings and bracelets, but, I think they add a funky, yet feminine touch to the outfit.  And I love that the hair was kept simple and straight.

blake-lively-premiere-of-savages-wearing-zuhair-murad-couture-gown__oPt (2)


Droooool.  Saying this dress is amazing is an understatement.  I love the 20’s vibe with the art deco lines of the dress, the wavy, side swept hair, and the red lips.  This dress fits like a glove and looks like it was made for Blake.


Look #3

I dieeee.  I wish I could walk around looking like this everyday.  I love the retro 50’s feel with the polka dots, updo, and pop of red in the shoes and bracelet.


Look #4

This look is so effortless.  I love the messy bun and the pop of color in the cobalt capris.  And you know what, I think every girl (maybe even some guys) should have a gold sequins (or lamay) jacket.


Look #5

Normally I am not a fan of slicked back hair, but for this look, it definitely works.  I love nude shoes with red dresses and this is no exception.  And that high slit and low cut top scream sophisticated siren to me.


Celeb: Nicole Richie


Look #1

Lord help me, this girl is GORGEOUS!  The casual wavy hair is perfect for this plunging neckline.  Her frame fits so well with this silhouette and the color is beautiful against her skin tone.  It is super chic but has that edge to it with the neckline, pop of black, and the black nails are to die for.  SIGH.


Look #2

Why do I love this look so much?  I don’t know how many times I have had to run a few errands and couldn’t figure out what to wear. Yes, even though I’m “just running errands” it’s an opportunity to pull together a casual fun look.  THIS will be my go-to, cold weather look for when I am out and about.  The bun (YEA GIRL), the shades (YES MA’AM), the graphic hoodie (HELL YES), the trench (HELLZ YES), the skinnies and chucks (HELLLLLLZZZ YESSSS MA’AM). Ok I’m done.


Look #3

UGH.  This one-piece pant ensemble is making me wish I was famous so that I could wear this somewhere and it would be totally acceptable.  I love black, I love sheer, and I love statement earrings. Check, check, andddd check.  Oh and do I spot some fringe on that clutch?  Yup.  CHECK.


Look #4

THIS, this right here, is effortless.  It’s casual, it’s edgy, it’s sexy.  I am loving the simple black tank, the light wash flared jeans, black pointed boots, hat, and shades.  It’s perfect and I’m OBSESSED.


Look #5

This look embodies my love of beautifully weird, dark, romantic, edgy…things.  It reminds me of a character of a Tim Burton movie and I can’t get enough.  The hair is weird, but sometimes weird JUST WORKS.  The dark lip contrasts perfectly with the dress and I applaud this chick for rocking this look.

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