DIY Greeting Card

This past weekend was Mother’s Day, so while I was making my Mother’s Day card, I realized it could easily be a birthday card, or a card for that special someone in your life.   The idea behind these cards is that they’re personalized just for the recipient and can say whatever is most fitting for the occasion.

Supplies I used:

  • cardstock paper
  • envelope and card
  • glitter studs
  • pen
  • adhesive tape roller

For this card, I combined different textures and patterns for what I think is a pretty unique look.

image-2I didn’t want the traditional “Happy Mother’s Day” written on the card, so I chose something a little more special, like “Unconditional Love”.



It wouldn’t be my card with some signature glitter dots thrown in there somewhere 😉


Any questions about how to make this card, or if you’d like to purchase one, email us at

Instagram: @kristin_bubblyonabudget and @alex_bubblyonabudget



4 thoughts on “DIY Greeting Card

  1. You are very talented and the design is beautiful. I am very creative, but don’t have artistic skills. That is why I use an online system to design and sign the cards I make which are then printed and snail mailed by the system, on recycled paper of course.

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