DIY Wedding Headpiece

The past year or so, I have been looking through thousands of wedding ideas and have seen a number of fun and unique ideas.  One thing I have always loved was fun, art deco head/hair pieces.  But, they are always sooooo expensive.  This got me thinking, why not just create one?  You can make it as ornate or simple as you’d like and save a couple bucks in the process.  Oh, and you get to tell people you made it!  All you need is a bracelet of your choosing; it can be vintage or modern, second hand or from Michael’s.  The bracelet I chose was my grandmother’s.  She passed away over ten years ago, so this headpiece is extra special.


You will need:

  • jewelry tools or scissors
  • chain to match/contrast bracelet
  • bracelet


Wrap the chain around your head to get the chain the proper length.  You want it to be fitted, but not too loose to fall and not to tight to pinch you hair in.

DSC_9883 -edit

After you have the chain cut the right length, with the scissors or jewelry tools, you place one link into each side of the bracelet and then close.  Voilà, you have your very own, one of a kind headpiece.  You can now wear decide if you want to wear it across your forehead or on the side of your head.  I also want to try this DIY with a over the top bracelet.


(Not the cutest; but, I wanted you all to see it on someone. [I just got back from the gym.])

Any questions, just ask (!  Also, send us any pictures of your completed projects for us to put on display for all to see!! Any comments, type away!

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