DIY Cuff Bracelet

I love the idea of making personalized jewelry.  I’m not a huge bracelet gal, but I came across a cuff bracelet in Michael’s that I could not pass up.  I wanted to play around with the idea of inserting a quote onto the cuff.


You will need:

  • scissors
  • cuff $4.99
  • mod podge dimensional magic $6.99
  • pen
  • adhesive
  • cardstock or photo paper

*NOTE: Most of these materials are leftovers from previous projects.


This is the fun part.  Decide on what you’d like to put in the center of the cuff.  This time around, I chose to put a short, handwritten quote as my decoration.  I simply measured the area on the cuff that I was working with and using photo paper, cut out a shape of a triangle.


I handwrote a quote that I love: “let out the freak in you”.  I added adhesive to the backside of the quote and firmly placed onto the cuff.


Following the instructions on the mod podge, squeeze mod podge onto surface of the cuff so that it fills up.  Be careful not to use too much; do a little at a time.  Put in a safe place that is level so that the mod podge doesn’t spill over.  It will dry clear and give it a glossy, finished look.


I’ve already decided that next time I make a cuff bracelet, I will use a small photograph as my decoration.

Any questions, just ask (!  Any comments, type away!

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