DIY Baby Shower Card

I attended a baby shower this past weekend so of course I just had to make a card.  The parents-to-be are Virginia Tech alumni, so I knew right away I wanted a VT themed card. 


You will need:

  • cutting board for straight edge
  • cardstock scrapbook paper
  • tiny clothespin pack of 12 $2.99
  • tape runner $3-$6 depending on the length and brand
  • folding notecard and envelope $10.99 for a pack of 40
  • adhesive letters $4.99


I’ve got to admit, my card-making process is not very structured.  I don’t sketch out or make a quick diagram of what I want the card to look like.  I generally just pick the cardstock colors I want to use, pick a phrase or name I am going to include, and start from there.  I knew I wanted to make 2 “Hokie Prints”, with a 3rd little print to work with the “baby makes 3”. 


I played around with the placement of the prints and the adhesive letters.  Finally, I added a little red velvet cut-out heart to put on the “baby” hokie print. 


The last touch was the tiny little clothespin that says “LIFE”.  I will definitely keep this card in mind for my next baby shower.  It was easy and the mama-to-be LOVED IT!


Any questions, just ask (!  Any comments, type away!

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