Blonde vs. Brunette – 5 Fashion Tips

Blonde vs. Brunette

This Friday our challenge will be “Fashion Tips.”  These are tips that we have acquired along the way and feel are important to staying in tune with the ever changing world of fashion.

5 Tips from Kristin – THE BLONDE

1. Know your body – This is very important when navigating the fashion world and finding your own personal style.  First you must realized, not every silhouette will work on every body type (some work on NOBODY i.e. bubble dresses – YUCK).  And to the contrary, some styles can work on almost every body type, for example the wrap dress.  When in doubt, ask a honest friend; but, be prepared to hear the truth (good or bad).

2. It is possible to be overly trendy – There are people who try to rock more than one trend at a time and this usually ends in a fashion tragedy.  Very few people can pull off multiple trends in one outfit.  To avoid this, incorporate one trend at a time in with your staple pieces, like a neon statement necklace with a simple t-shirt or maxi dress.

3.  Do your research before splurging on anything! – If you see something you just have to have, go home and do your research online.  You can usually find it somewhere for less.  This will also give you time to decide if you really want it.  If you think about it after a day or two, (and you can afford it and the mortgage) go get it!

4. Learn your color palette – Nothing is worse than wearing a nude dress for New Years and looking back at the pictures and realizing the dress washed you out completely (me circa 2011).  So, realize your skin tone as well as your underlying color.  This means realizing that if you are pale with pink undertones you probably cannot rock anything mustard colored (as much as I wish I could!).

5. With trends don’t splurge – This is a pretty obvious one; but, we all make the mistake of spending way too much on something that will no longer be “in” next year.  So, check out places like Forever21, H&M, & Asos for inexpensive trendy clothes, shoes, and jewelry.

5 Tips from Alex – THE BRUNETTE

1. Don’t be scared to be YOU.  I think in general, we tend to think “I could NEVER pull that off.”  If you like it, and want it, that’s because IT IS YOU, and you CAN pull it off.  I’m all about fashion risks.  Only the thick-skinned survive in fashion, mistakes will be made! 😉

2. Find a celebrity whose style you love and stalk their outfits on google images; you won’t regret it.

3. Not everyone is into fashion and pulling together outfits.  There are a select few of us who know exactly what they’re going to wear to that concert that is 5 months away, down to the earrings and hairstyle.  If you are not one of those people, find a friend or family member who is and ask for their help (or us).  They may open you up to styles and looks you never knew existed!

4. If you’re uncomfortable wearing it in the dressing room, or in your room by yourself, chances are you’ll be 10x more uncomfortable in public.  I’m all about risk, but first and foremost, feeling confident and secure in how you look is the most important aspect in fashion.  If you don’t feel good, then you won’t look good.

5. Research thrift stores in your area, get in your car, and prepare to dig through some random clothing.  In my world, there are few things more gratifying then coming across a beautiful $5 vintage top, carelessly shoved between a puke green Tommy Hilfiger collared top circa 1997 and a sequined tee that says “Baby Girl”.  Hallelujah.

Any questions, just ask (!  Any comments, type away!

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2 thoughts on “Blonde vs. Brunette – 5 Fashion Tips

  1. Your advice gives me the confidence to give a funky flair to my daily looks. Thanks for the tips. It makes me realize that anyone can pull off an outfit as long as they’re going to the “beat of their own drum,” and it’s also ok to go out of your comfort zone too!

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