DIY Birthday Card

This week’s birthday card is simplistic and sweet.  I’ve been wanting to create a “grown-up” version of balloons and I was inspired by a card I’d seen awhile back. 


You will need:

  • cutting board for straight edge
  • cardstock scrapbook paper
  • thin sharpie pen for handwritten quote
  • self-adhesive glitter dots $2-$5 depending on the brand and type
  • tape runner $3-$6 depending on the length and brand
  • diamond brads $3.49
  • folding notecard and envelope $10.99 for a pack of 40
  • thin string (used in the DIY Dreamcatcher Tutorial)
  • 3D adhesive dots $3.49
  • craft punch tool 1″ circle $10.95 (Martha Stewart brand)
  • ink and ink pad


I chose the color scheme of blues and pinks and decided which color I wanted to be my base (navy blue), and which color I wanted to be the main background color (aqua).  I chose light pink, navy blue and fuschia as my balloon colors.  I used my Martha Stewart craft punch tool to create a perfect circle.  This tool is very easy; you simply slide your cardstock inside the punch tool and squeeze the handle to create your circle.  I cut out little triangles to add to the bottom of the balloons and attached the strings onto the back of the balloons.


The structure of the banner was simple.  I wrote out “HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENN” onto a piece of cardstock in the shape of an arch and cut around it.  This is obviously optional, but using light pink ink and an ink pad, I shaded the edges of the banner to tie in the pink colors.  Then, I cut out two separate small pieces as the edge of the banner and attached it to the navy cardstock to give it some depth.  I attached the banner to the card using 3D adhesives so that it raises off the page and gives room for the strings to hang freely behind. 


Any questions, just ask (!  Any comments, type away!

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